The Universe, an unfurled tapestry of sackcloth held together by a million pinholes of light, by chromatic nebulae, by solar winds, space lanes, comet tails, and rings of stardust. People and Xenoforms (aliens) are spread out amongst the stars—so too are monsters. Older than recorded history they are, once hidden in the shadows, slumbering in the forgotten corners of creation. To them, however, space is one corpulent shadow—an infinite midnight in which to dance and feed their insatiable hunger, macabre desires, or worse.

You are about to embark on a perilous sci-fi adventure fraught with violence and mystery, for you unknowingly stand on the front line of a great and secret war. You will face Dark Mystics serving the Void, Daemonic possession, and corrupt Xenoforms serving The Great Old Ones. In this world, you will battle for your survival and perhaps even your very sanity amidst a web of conspiracy and betrayal, where perhaps the biggest threat you face is the human soul, for it is such fertile ground for corruption. These may be the darkest times that you and humanity has ever known. Space may not be the final frontier, it may just be a doorway...

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World of Darkness (2nd)
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