Act One: First Seal

The Year is 2011 and the world very much the same as we know it,
yet there is a chill upon the air and a sense of dread that one cannot escape.
Something is on the horizon, ominous and dangerous.
The signs are everywhere, if you would but only see them.

World of Darkness: Revelations is a New World of Darkness story, segmented into SAS styled Chapters and focusing primarily on the Roleplaying side of the Storyteller Adventure System. Based in Modern Nights, the game setting begins in New York City but will touch on many areas of the world before the game reaches it's climax.

Currently in development, World of Darkness: Revelations has a tentative first session scheduled for September 3rd, 2011.

Based in a sandbox game environment, much of the references and Wiki materials will be divulged as the subjects are touched upon In game in order to limit preexisting concepts for experienced players and to increase the enjoyment of new players.

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Session 1 - Leigh & Dead Patient

I received a call from Greg that Sawyer in in the New York General Hospital, which is not the problem. Greg quotes that he arrived dead and came back to life on the table. I am beginning tho think all of the conspiracy peeps are really crazy and maybe not as harmless as I originally figured. However I need to get there quickly and check out Sawyer to see what type of qake diagstics they used to certify him dead!

We rush to the hospital with a growing sense of dread that we are being tracked and watched. Also that we do not have much time. I ask Jimmy to use some of his computer-Fu to hide the room Sawyer is in and in addition broadcast Sawyer name into all the vacant rooms in the hospital.

Joel is a little flakey. He give me a note with a list of cities and a note with a raven symbol on it, asking for a favor and saying he knows where you (him) are.
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Los Angelas, California
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • San Francisco, California
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Washington DC
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Myanmar

  • South Bronx 2am Dive Hotel

2nd Note with Raven

Ozzy wakes up, retrieves his gun.

At some point I involentarily give the note to Black.

We realize that Gregg is also in South Bronx and the time is now 1:30am.

I hustle my pilot out of bed as we fly to South Bronx.

We see the hotel burning and a man standing over Donnies van pouring gas on it.

Black takes a shot to stop him putting him down.

We land and advance on him.

He has an ID designating him as a government employee with no name.

Jimmy traces his ID back to Watchdog.

We hear the sirens really close as we get back in the chopper.

The van blows with a strong fireball as I see Joel is no longer present.

We return to the mansion, still no answer from Gregg.

Joel returns to the mansion and provides some partially burned files.

We scan them and Jimmy will try to retrive info on them.

Joel declines to join us for the evening but them has a last minute change of heart and darts in.

I spend the last few minutes before sleeping at 3am to tend to Mr Sawyer. I set my alarm for 6am. the damn alarms are sounding at 530am, while Robert is shouting about the patient being up and walking out.

As I scramble onto the front lawn, I see the back of Mr Sawyer walking towards the gate. I run to cach him while I am followed by Father, Ozzy and Black.

Session: First Session - Sunday, Sep 04 2011 from 2:00 AM to 6:30 AM
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Relocation & Reflections

It is very hard too order my thoughts from the last 48 hours, which has never been a problem. As I recline in my study sipping Tea and looking around the room at my new...what? Friends, no not yet. Companions, the word sound funny. Anyway I will continue to search for that word.

I think I have broke too many laws in the last 48 hours, followed people, been followed, broke into parked vans and really don't know what to think about this. I stand on the cliff of conspiracy at the highest levels of government, media and authority. Is it real or am I trapped in the flood of others fantastic imaginations and tails of cloak and dagger.

I need to find a stable bridge to place my feet on, resolve these missing people if I can, and return to my practice.

I must stay focused on my goals. What about the eye?

9 months prior...

Hold off opening the office until I have finished the estate transfer for the mansion. Harry and Geo will be finalizing the power of attorney and final documentations.

6 months prior...

Prepare to attend the upcoming medical conference hosted by the MSSNY.
Opened office after 6 months, it seems like so long but there is lots to do.

48 hours prior...

I late noticed a drop off in business from about 3 months prior. Recent heavy crime activity and drop in stretched response times of officers. Approximation 75 missing in past 6 months, yet the news coverage is non-existent. Most are disappearances with no bodies ever found, all of their stuff remains.

One of my recent cases of regular chronic back pain, and very resistant to pain medication is Lindsey Keller, her sister went missing 5 months prior. Take DNA sample of her.

Harry called, a friend of his went missing 6 months prior. All of assets liquidated, all possessions left behind. Henry, Hank wife and son died in freak accident. Day after Christmas, wife and 5 year old son were returning gifts. They ended up in the subway 930 at night. Security camera shows her son them on the edge of the platform, she ran over with tears. She held the kid turning to the camera, eyes glassed over and dived in front of the on coming train with her kid in her arms killing both. Hank was devastated and despondent. Finally disappeared.

Continue the search for info revolving around the missing victims including Casey Keley and Brett Sterling Sawyer. Shortly after starting my research looking for Hank I receive a cease and desist letter from the local authorities siting an ongoing investigation into the missing person of Hank.

After switching to a public records search I uncover 2 articles dated for the 26th & 29th. The funny thing is each article has 2 version, one published and one unpublished. It doesn't take a intern journalist to determine the published version is a weak watered down and un-interesting version of the original draft.

I also cross referenced these articles with a woman mauled by dog in hells kitchen. Donna Oswald. Stranger yet; Casey Keller is the writer and also one of the missing persons. And yet even stranger articles are still being written by Casey but different feel of writing.

My initial research leads me to a medical or pharmaceutical company called Cricore. They have major medical and research centers in dozens of cities, while masking much of their activity, operating staff and structure in shadow and secret. While determining that there are over 60 missing people in this area alone in the last 6 months, I can not ignore that veil of fog that seems to cling to the rising crime rate in my new home.

I plan on giving Cricore a day a week to see what I can see in their Hells Kitchen location. I offer my services as a volunteer to the local Cricore facilities and I am surprises when they accept and counter while tombs of confidentiality documents and clauses. I reserve this for a later time.

Take a trip to Cricore in hells kitchen, via car and then cab.

Followed the Asian dude with the dog. Found him entering an apartment complex, took a vacant room to keep tabs on him. Later in thee evening a white van pulled up with gentlemen that went into the hotel. Van left unlocked, pic of license plate, and three pics of paper in the van. They appear to be a hit list on the Asian. Guy came back out and we followed them for about an hour too the bronx as they entered a garage. Left heading to motel apparently where the Asian is also registered. about 15 minutes away, Robert noticed that a black car is following us for a while. We pulled into an emergency room and held, while the black car with tinted windows.

Returned to Mansion. Geo gave me a phone number 555-123-4567 and instructed me to call and let it ring 4 times and hang up. A man named Donnie called me back with information on the missing people and Casey Keller.

Invited him to meet, he showed up an hour later in a old model van witth two others.

We spent several hours reviewing his theories regarding crime, missing people, cities (both foreign and domestic) with all roads leading back to Cricore. Donnie also showed me hundred of unpublished articles that have never seen the light of day. He mentioned several other individuals, like the Asian, Jimmy the Hacker, Ozzy the Faithful (mentioning the article where his wife was maulled by a beast dog), the spirit dude.

In these travels I come across Donnie, Asu & Dread, Ozzy, Fred, Sabstian and Jimmy. We dive deeper into Donnie theories of conspiracy which unbelievable run parallel to my investigation. I end up treating Ozzy for possible life threatening wounds in my downtown office, where he makes a miraculous recovery. I am thinking that they are all suffering from a group hallucination or chemical, however Ozzys initial test turn up clean. Maybe I can test each of them slowly.

Must pay special attention to the crazy looking one with the game glove, he seems prone to self-violence.

We relocate to my mansion, as I am shocked that I have even invited these sordid troop to return with me. Its almost like watching a horror flick, as you know it will continue to get worse but you can not look away!

24 hours prior...

Then there is the incident at the church which I am still scratching my head as to what the hell happened. There were 8 dead bodies, my amulet, some beads and a lots of intuition by Fred. Oh and the revolvers, I am not sure what to make of that? Ozzy is a slight strange, possible even afflicted with a permanent psychosis from the loss of his wife, however that is not my specialty. I may have to contact a college of mine for a consult.
Session: First Session - Sunday, Sep 04 2011 from 2:00 AM to 6:30 AM
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