Some say it began with Orson Wells broadcasting War of the Worlds in the 1930’s. Others say is was Mengele’s experiments in the death camps—possibly inspired by Wells. Perhaps it was the harnessing of the atom, Mother Nature putting Man on balance with his technology, or even Ancient Astronauts seeding Earth with their genetic material. Conjecture, conspiracy, nature or fiend I cannot say, for all I know is we are in an age of those who are MORE THAN HUMAN.

Currently under construction, the premise is to be super. The intent is also to have a circulating number of ST's allowing for differing styles and broader play. The use of forums will be encouraged for side adventures. This will be updated as the core group is established and the initial kinks are worked out of the campaign world.

We will be using More Than Human and its associated links. Starting XP 150.

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I am hoping to run a 4 issue mini-series on 10-15-11; however that will be depend upon players having characters and deets finished so i can craft the story line. More info to follow.
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