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The Return of the Malifaux Dynasty, Book One, Chapter Five
Doing the Business of the Imperium

Being a proud son of the Imperium of Man, the Malifaux heir clearly chose to take the more dangerous path of potentially confronting the Chaos tainted pirates over any course of action that was likely to prove more profitable but less beneficial to the Emperor's Domains.

Before leaving the settlement of Footfall, however, the histories make mention of the potential return of Olorous Vastenhull. If the stories are accurate, he shipped a tainted crate full of battle servitors to the Lux Invictus.

Using the ork as bait, Acrisius was able to attempt to interface with the creatures while Remington held the servitors at bay. Amazingly, the ork's vile luck held out, and the thrall survived yet another encounter, but likely for the greater good of the Imperium, as it must have been the Emperor's will.

Steadfast Allies

Having won the friendship and steadfast appreciation of Captain Remus Calder of the Emperor's Shoulders, Vandigroth bravely laid out a plan whereby the might of the Imperium would crash down upon Hander's Gamble and wipe out the vile den of Chaos worshipers.

Alas, the Warp is a fickle, vile thing, and Cardon's communications with the Imperial Warship indicated that they were delayed or possibly lost in the Immaterium.

Always brave, Vandigroth pressed on.

Naval Battles

What is known for certain is that the Lux Invictus was victorious over a pair of Chaos Raiders, and that the mighty Nova Canon was involved in at least one of the victories.

Less certain is the close battle with the second raider. Accounts of the ork that followed the captain leading a reckless hit and run assault on the raider that critically damaged the raider are to be discounted. Especially the stories of the green painted crew of humans that some historians have the temerity and bad humor to describe as following the ork on his misadventures.

The Brave First Steps

On the surface of the world, the most important crew members of the Lux Invictus sped towards a fortress containing some kind of ancient relic. Soon after arriving, the brave Imperial traders were beset by an ambush, but one that, according to at least some accounts, was turned aside by the combined powers of the ship's Navigator and Astropath Transcendant.

Obviously the marksmanship of Remington was likely on display. Some accounts have the ork driving the Lord Captain's vehicle. This is unlikely. As a precision piece of Imperial Machinery, the official record will lean towards Acrisis as the driver.
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The Return of the Malifaux Dynasty, Book One, Chapter Four
The next section of this history details a particularly illustrious period in the history of the revival period of the House Malifaux, the valiant defense of Imperial citizens on the settlement of Footfall.

Visiting the Adeptus Mechanicus

After the brave salvaging of the raider lost to the void, Vandigroth Malifaux brought the raider to the Adeptus Mechanicus studying the great star Furibundus.

At this time, the obviously immaculately kept Reliquary of Mars was toured, and once again blessed, by representatives of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Strange discordant reports say that the Explorator Acrisius was called to account for . . . something at this time, and again the name of the character Galt comes into play. Suffice to say, it is unlikely that Acrisius did anything that would have to be accounted for on such a holy ship.

Likely the report that was mentioned in the accounts was a simple catalog of holy relics and a list of glorious events surrounding the ship.

The Battle of Footfall

What happened between the Adeptus Astartes of the Storm Wardens chapter and the Rak'gol raiders is unknown, but there is a great deal of conjecture that points toward some kind of vile Chaos influence that managed to sap the strength of the Space Marines, which nevertheless proved to be a temporary set back for the Space Marine chapter.

Regardless, when the Rak'gol ship crashed into Footfall, Vandigroth spearheaded a brilliant rescue campaign that saved many Imperial citizens and cut off the Rak'gol raiders from key points in Footfall.

After this, it is clear that Vandigroth's crew was integral in distracting the Rak'gol forces as the Space Marines surged forward to crush them.

Quashing Rumors

We will not conjecture as to the origin of these rumors, but under not circumstances should the notion be entertained that anyone from the crew of the Lux Invictus, let alone the Arch Militant Remington, stole Sacris Claymores from the corpses of fallen Space Marines.

In fact, this rumor appears even more lurid considering the losses on the part of the Storm Wardens were likely far lighter than the loses to either Vandigroth's crew the Rak'gols.

Thus, one should dismiss any reference to Pat the Ogryn having a Sacris Claymore, or even Lockjaw the Ork affixing shattered remnants of a Sacris Claymore to a crude Ork device of some sort.

Dire Tidings

Long time readers of this history will recognize that Vandigroth was shrewd in his dealings with Xenos, pretending to consort with some in order to cause even more harm to others. Thus it was that Vandigroth deftly used the hatred between the Stryxis and the Eldar to bring ruin to the Eldar earlier in his career, and providing a reason for why a Son of the Imperium would care to consort, yet again, with a vile Xenos like the Stryxis merchant Grennemor.

Grennemor, being unsavory, had unsavory information. Rumors that a Black Ship had been downed on the very same planet, Hander's Gamble, that had already interested Vandigroth. Thus, the planet was in the hands of Chaos worshiping raiders, and the potential site of a crashed ship bearing psykers awaiting their final glorious disposition.

A pivotal time for the heir, indeed.
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The Return of the Malifaux Dynasty, Book One, Chapter Three
Upon gaining another ship, the Malifaux heir Vandigroth was recalled back to the family holdings on Port Wander. Direct accounts vary on what exactly happened at this point. What is known is that Vandigroth acquired another ship, and Lord Mallorus was anxious to have a new captain named for the Tenebrous.

Curious Notes

The veracity of the following information is suspect. Many histories, at this point in the Malifaux story, begin to reference an Engineseer Galt. Galt's notes paint an unfavorable picture of Explorator Acrisius.

According to Galt's notes, Acrisius created a faulty harness to tow the Tenebrous through the Warp, and this harness broke, leaving the crew of the Tenebrous to have to perform emergency measures to head to Port Wander on their own, lengthening their trip through the Warp by months.

This seems unlikely. Galt may be a character invented by rivals to smear the Malifaux legacy. We will include his comments until such time as we can verify his existence with the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Fateful Feast

Upon returning to Port Wander, Vandigroth, at a great family feast, named his uncle, Slaine Malifaux, as the captain of the Tenebrous and tasked him with establishing new trade routes secured by Malifaux traders.

One fanciful story says that Vandigroth's uncle Bren performed some kind of subterfuge upon the heir, and that his ork thrall and his Astropath intimidated and dominated Bren into giving up his plot.

This is unlikely. No true son of the Imperium would allow a xenos to threaten such a well placed member of an Imperial family, and the actions of Cardon the Astropath are far too aggressive to be attributed to an Astropath Transcendent.

In fact, many historians seem to have developed their own internal joke, expressed by making Cardon a comically aggressive and martial character in many stories. Likely he simply obeyed the commands his Lord Captain, coordinating and facilitating communication.


By some unknown means, Lord Captain Vandigroth gained a mated pair of Terrorax from Burnscour. Conspiratorial historians draw a connection between these beasts and Bren Malifaux, but again, this is unlikely.

What does seem to be agreed upon is that Vandigroth Malifaux had an enclosure built to entertain his crew and to test the mettle of his greatest employees. Acrisius and Remington bravely volunteered to fight the creatures to show the crew the nature of Imperial fortitude.

It also appears that Lord Captain Vandigroth also attempted to remove his ork thrall again by throwing him into this fight as well. According to most histories, the ork survived due to some quirk of fate.

Remington lost an arm in the fight, while Acrisius bravely moved to the far end of the enclosure, feigning fear and cowardice, in order to give Remington the space to take aim and kill the beasts.


Again, the suspect account of the possibly apocryphal Engineseer Galt mentions that Acrisius "screamed like a little girl," and "leaked lubricant in a trail across the ground as he ran."

Very suspect.

The Malifaux Fleet Grows

While foolhardy behavior is not to be encouraged, the fortunes of the Malifaux family were at stake, and Vandigroth was willing to even troll the Warp itself to find a lost raider to pull with him to Footfall, expanding his fleet even further.

At this point in the history, another comical account of Cardon appears. Some histories mention that the raider hulk was haunted by a Warp Predator, or an Ebon Geist, a vile Daemon of the Empyrean.

This may or may not be true.

However, the comedic element of the story recounts that Cardon aggressively pushed past his allies, stunned the daemon with his telepathic disciplines, and then drew a force sword, of all things, and violently cleaved the deamon, destroying it's physical form.

Obviously this is wildly out of character for an Astropath, and it is more likely that Vandigroth lured the beast to a vulnerable position by potentially sacrificing his expendable ork, then valiantly laid waste to the creature with weapons blessed by Acrisius.

Upon future collation of these accounts, this is likely to be the official conjecture of record.
Session: Rogue Trader--Heir to the Void - Friday, Apr 13 2012 from 1:30 AM to 5:30 AM
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The Return of the Malifaux Dynasty, Book One, Chapter Two
Perhaps one of the greatest reasons that unfounded rumors abound concerning Vandigroth is that Vandigroth was a master at turning the greed and desire of the Xenos against them.

As proof of this, it is presented for your perusal the case of Lance Minor. Some historians have insinuated that Vandigroth was actually concerned about upsetting the Stryxis merchant Grennemor, and was actually going to attempt to aid the Eldar when they needed the Imperial Guard to withdraw from Lance Minor in order to retrieve a vile Eldar artifact of some kind.

In truth, the ownership of Lance Minor was a contentious point, and House Malifaux was to legitimately be allowed to assert their claim upon the world for their own development, as was clearly stated by house servant Edrick in his papers to the Administratum.

While on Lance Minor, Vandigroth managed to outsmart the servants of Olorous Vastenhull and hire away his only ship, and found a dangerous Xenos artifact on the world itself.

Here, again, are scurrilous charges leveled in some accounts. While Vandigroth inexplicably kept an Ork thrall, the notion that he would have hired away Vastenhull's Kroot mercenaries is laughable. As is apparently later in the true account, these Kroot were clearly lured into a trap, pitting them against another Xenos species.

Vandigroth and his agents managed to defeat Olorous Vastenhull and his loathsome loxatl mercenaries at a mysterious, corrupt ruin. It is here that Vandigroth's plans to turn Xenos against Xenos came to fruition, as the Eldar corsairs known as the Foxfire Storm eliminated the Kroot mercenaries that the scion of House Malifaux lured away from his rival.

(It should also be noted, though this is perhaps speculation, that Vandigroth may have intended to rid himself of his ork thrall at this point as well, but unfortunately the Eldar corsair did not prove up to the task of even harming the savage brute. Some have refuted this version of events, however, because clearly a true son of the Imperium could have rid himself of a troublesome ork at any time he might have chosen)

What happened next is a bit of a mystery. What clearly happened is that the artifact was far too corrupt and dangerous to allow to fall into Xenos hands. It appears that Vandigroth triggered the device to destroy the entire world of Lance Minor, taking many of the Eldar along with the world, and still managed to survive.

A more likely course of events is that the Explorator Acrisius was involved and performed the proper rituals to allow the House Malifaux agents to set the device against itself, because clearly a son of the Imperium would not endanger his purity by blindly activating Xenos technology.

A final bit of unscrupulous rumor to be put to rest: Some have intimated that the Lux Invictus, upon finding the Eldar ship fleeing, managed to target it's general vicinity and battered the fleeing ship mercilessly with the most sacred Nova Cannon, which did not require them to pinpoint the location of the holographically hidden, skulking ship.

While it is clear that the Lux Invictus destroyed a Eldar ship in single combat, it only takes a proper inquiry into the Imperial Navy's official account of Lance Minor to find the true accounting.

According to the Imperial Navy, the Imperial Carrier Shoulders of the Emperor was beset by several hidden Eldar ships, and the Lux Invictus bravely cut off the flag ship and challenged it directly as the Shoulders of the Emperor engaged the rest of the ships, leading to a victory of human kind over the Xenos threat at Lance Minor.

Rumors of the Lux Invictus scavenging the remains of the Xenos flagship's hulk for forbidden technology do not even deserve to be addressed.
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The Return of the Malifaux Dynasty, Book One, Chapter One
The Malifaux dynasty was once one of the most well respected houses in the galaxy. Their trade charter is entrenched in the archives of Holy Terra as an artifact in its own right. The Malifaux family helped to spread trade across the Imperium as Mankind began its recovery from the devastation of the Horus Heresy.

Thousands of years later, the House would find itself in decline. Of note was the disappearance of Lord Mallorus in a Warp Storm. In fighting took its toll on the house. Eventually Lord Mallorus returned from the Warp to name his grandson Vandrigoth as heir (see previous archives, Shadows Fall Over Malifaux, the final volumes, for more information on these events).

Vandrigoth lost the Gilded Scepter, the family's second ship, to the pirates known as the Warp Pirates. He was subsequently ransomed, but would not have survived the planetoid he was stranded on after his "emancipation" had he not managed to kill the leader of a band of ork freebooterz.

It was at this time that the Malifaux heir obtained his bodyguard, the ork Lockjaw, due to the young Malifaux "cunning brutality."

At this time, the family flagship, the Lux Invictus, whose current commander was the Explorator Acrisius (note: the Explorator's position of authority was derived, at least in part, due to the fact that the Lux Invictus was originally given to the Malifaux family as a gift from the Mechanicus directly from the shipyards on Mars), arrived in Port Wander.

At Port Wander Vandrigoth was tasked with the responsibility of retrieving an artifact known as the Cauldron Annulus. Part of this mission involved gathering information from a vile Xenos merchant, a Stryxis.

Unreliable accounts have indicated that, despite obtaining the information from the Stryxis without performing any deeds for him, Vandrigoth agreed to undertake a subterfuge during this time that would fool the Imperial Guard on behalf of a duplicitous, scheming Eldar corsair. These accounts should be viewed with skepticism, as it is likely that if events had unfolded in such a manner, surely the great might of the Lux Invictus would have been leveled against the ramshackle vessels of the Stryxis and laid low the presumptuous Xenos.

Still, this history will list such wild conjecture for the sake of completeness.

Of Lesser Note

Some histories of this time also relate stories of the ork Lockjaw piloting various vehicles for the Malifaux heir, and making a surprisingly competent pilot. We will not justify these comments with a statement on their probably veracity.

Other histories note that Acrisius was quite opposed to any dealings with Xenos, and advocated the destruction of the Stryxis as well as setting a trap for the Eldar utilizing the information given to them. While this would be laudable and consistent for the character of a noble tech priest, it assumes that Vandrigoth Malifaux acting in a manner that was sympathetic to Xenos, which is an interpretation under investigation and highly suspect.

There is also a recurring story of the ship's Arch Militant, Remington, facing down a rival, one Loren Creihardt, in a duel arranged by Vandrigoth in order to resolve a dispute. While Creihardt was certainly killed in this duel, according to various accounts, it is at this time that an Ogryn named Pat was introduced to the crew.

Wild stories abound that the ship's Astropath Ascendant, Cardon, utilized his powers to convince Pat that the Emperor was speaking to him directly, convincing him to join the crew. It is unlikely that this is accurate, as an Astropath soul bound to the Emperor would clearly be above such base deception or blasphemy in the name of the God Emperor of Mankind.

The Malifaux and the Warp

Sidebars in various family histories mention that the navigator of the Lux Invictus, reportedly of one of the Renegade Houses and of tall, thin, unhealthy demeanor, caused a bit of a stir by calling for an exit from the warp near a moon (the collision with which was reportedly avoided by the talents of Acrisius and his talent for working with the sacred machine spirit of the Lux Invictus).

However, this is noteworthy because the same navigator is said to have managed to also performed an paradoxical navigation, that is, a navigation that managed to bring the ship out of the Warp, chronologically, before the ship entered the Warp. Investigation into this event is ongoing.

Myths and Rumors

There is a persistent rumor that Lord Mallorus kept a Warp Witch, an unregistered psyker, as a mistress. While this is unlikely, the story is recounted enough times to warrant the inclusion of the legend in the family histories.

Said witch, often times referred to only by the moniker Medea, is referenced at this point in the family histories because some legends have also surfaced that recount that Lord Mallorus, after giving command of the Lux Invictus to Vandrigoth, charged his grandson with the task of retrieving the witch in order to seek her counsel on the matter of the retrieval of the Annulus.

Future Chronicles

In the next chapter of the family histories, we will explore what Vandrigoth and his crew did after making their initial inquiries about the location of the Cauldron Annulus.
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