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Fear the Halfling
Since everyone wanted to rest for the night, we returned to our sanctuary and were going to take turns at watch. Before our watch began however, we noticed some gnolls dragging a human into the pesh fields. It was quickly explained that pesh is a common drug in the area, but people being staked out in the field, that is new to us. Me Oscar and Kul Bloodaxe raced to the pesh fields to teach the gnolls a lesson. We didn't arrive in time to save the human but we did defeat the gnolls. They concentrated their attacks upon me since I am obviously the superior race to the gnome and dwarf. Once the gnolls were defeated, we discovered a tentacled creature roaming the pesh field, Kul tossed several of the gnoll bodies to the creature, but it wasn't hungry after the first two.

The next morning we head out to face the Peryton. With Kul Bloodaxe and Oscar the fight was relatively easy, there was some concern when the creature took flight, but not having any ranged attacks, it also recognized me as the superior race and attempted to engage me in melee. So we made quick work of the creature and began to search its lair. It was a disgusting creature, its amazing the gnolls could even tolerate it's filth, but we found within it's lair two magical items, a ring and a longsword.

Awesome compensation for slaying such an evil beast.

We then decided to investigate the old church of Sarenrae, since the gnolls seemed to avoid that area. We soon discovered why, there was an undead standing outside that obviously new that halflings as a superior race needed to die first and so most of his attacks were concentrated upon myself. It was a bit of a struggle but we managed to bring the foul creature down.

We spent the rest of the day trying to clean the temple proper. It appears many of the townsfolk held up in the temple as their last stand, we cleared what bodies we could, but since we didn't want to attract the attention of the gnolls we just moved the corpses to a smaller room. The next morning as we were trying to decide were to go next we stumbled upon a gnoll patrol riding large hyenas. The gnolls were unable to trully advance upon me so they had top struggle through the inferior races first where they eventually tried to retreat, oscar on his boar was able to finish off the last gnoll. We are unsure were to go next.

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The City
I expected a filth ridden settlement and a bunch of lazy gollls. Their patrols seem chaotic, but they do send patrols. The last one we found was lead by a devil of some type, we need to be careful as we search the city. There is apparently a magical beast within an old mill, I have concerns that my sword would be unable to harm the creature. I guess the confrontation will tell. May the glory of Sarenrae free this settlement from the monstrosities that currently hold sway.

Edited for corrections.
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