A group of modern day characters trust into the Forgotten realms. Are they freinds or foes to land of Faerun? There is some unfinished business to take care of before the quest for home but certainly clicking their ruby slippers is not going to get them out of this one.

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You and what army? .... Oh, THAT army!
Flamerule 24

As we venture further into the bowels of this rank dungeon we twist and wind through the narrow passages and come to a T shaped intersection ahead. Several of the party stop and motion that they've heard something ahead. I quickly (and quietly) cast Ablative Barrier and I can hear Nick casting as well. He whispers that we all have the abilities granted by Blessings of Ferver, and we each can choose from

* increase speed by 30ft
* stand up as a swift action (no AOO)
* 1 extra attack as a full action
* +2 to attack, +2 to dodge AC, +2 to reflex save
* cast a single spell of 2nd oevel or lower as if it were enlarged, extended, silent, or still

I hear Eldin casting as well and as I prepare for combat and start to look into the corridor ahead, all of a sudden I am engulfed in a searing flame that burns me severely. I look around to see which of the opponents might have had line of sight to cast a fireball, and I look back realizing that Eldin has jumped the gun and cast fireball partially into his own party. And to add insult to injury the opponents, who look to be rock trolls appear completely unaffected by the fireball.

As I'm reeling from the pain of the burn, I sense an ease of the pain and realize that Nick must be casting one of his mass healings to undo some of the damage from the errant fireball. I sense Theresa moving past me and attacking one fo the trolls with her quick efficient sword strikes. Its amazing how deadly accurate her attacks are. As the trolls are now upon us I am able to attack the front rank without having to move out into the other corridor. I swing three times, feeling the quickness of the Blessing of Ferver allowing my arm to swing an extra time.

Jason sidles by between Theresa and me and positions himself on the other side of the opponents. I think they got a strike at him as he slipped past but I'm unsure if he was struck. He is attacking from the other side - I'll need to see if I can position myself to flank the opponent he's fighting and allow Theresa to concentrate on this one. I hear Nick chanting again - but I think he's just asking his god what any special weaknesses of these monsters may be. The trolls a moving through the group and I miss trying to hit one as he rushes past. Probably because I'm still reeling from the pain of the burns.

I hear more opponents showing up in the distance. Hopefully not more of these rock trolls I hope. As I move to flank, I see Eldin in the back firing magic missiles into one of the trolls who had moved into position to attack Nick. And Theresa begins swinging quickly showing bits of rock from their bodies in all directions. With the one opponent trapped between myself and Jason, I strick the creature solidly three times. But they seem very tough. Immediately after I see a flurry of attacks from Jason on the same creature and it falls to the ground.

Groups of Drow and what looks like another beholder moves in and attacks behind the rock trolls. This is looking rather iffy for us to make it through with all of these opponents.

Another surge of relief comes through but I hear Nick say that's all he has. It might not be enough. One of the drow moves up to attack me but I get the jump on him and hit him soundly with two blows and a charge of magic from my force punch spell and he goes down in a lump. Barley moves past into the fray and I see him launch one of his bombs into a group of the enemies - but they seem to dodge most of the spray and exhibit only a minor affect from the blast.

One of the opponents moves up and strikes at Barley, but it appears that Barley has developed a slew of large pustules and when he his hit they seem to burst and spray the opponent with acid. I've never seen anything like this.

Another fireball bursts amongst our group - I think we're getting pretty close to losing this battle. Theresa mows down another of the rock trolls, but still nobody seems able to get to the beholder. I'd like to at least fire a spell at it, but I can't get clear of melee to be able to cast the spell cleanly.

Finally, I'm able to get clear of the melee for a bit and get a chance to cast a lightening bolt at the beholder. It seems to hit it soundly but doesn't take it down.

The beholder keeps telling us to surrender. Obviously he doesn't know who we are. But all of a sudden Theresa seems to be saying we should surrender as well. Obviously she's been affected by some kind of mind spell.

I hear some cries from the back and see that Nick and Eldin have gone down. I hope they're still alive. Then durin is struck and goes down as well. I dispatch one of the drow and move to attack one of the remaining rock trolls. He takes some hits but has not gone down yet. After another exchange he falls, though. And I see Theresa come up beside me and pour a potion in Durin's mouth. I see some life there - but why doesn't she help defeat these so we can help everyone?

As we're continuing to fight the trolls that we defeat are coming back as they heal. We need to destroy them with something more permanently.

We dispatch a few more of the opponents but as we do dozens more drow show up and reinforce the opposing troops. Perhaps we will have no choice but to surrender, as much as it pains me to say.

As I'm moving to attack one of the revived rock trolls - I racked with pain from electrical shock. I think from the beholder. I get the feeling I narrowly avoided getting hit with the full brunt of that lightning bolt.

Then a bolt of energy goes by and hits Barley and he turns to stone.

Just as I thought we were getting somewhere when the Beholder goes down from Eldin's magic missiles, another shows up from the other corridor.

Jason is trying to negotiate a truce and eventually they demand that we give them our equipment. Jason and I refuse but the others give up theirs and are led off. I don't want to lose where the others are so I reluctantly agree and give up my equipment.

They lead us off to meet their "mistress".

After winding through a number of narrow halls and tunnels we come to a point where it opens up into a larger cavern.

We're led into the cavern. In the cavern there is a dais where there is a green dragon a throne with a woman upon it and a larger beholder next to what looks like a door covered with a tarp. Out in the cavern are two pilars one has a woman tied to it and the other has a gnome tied to it.

The woman comes down and applies a salve to Barley and he returns to flesh. Then the woman starts to pray above Nick's body. After a minute he starts to move and gets up but looks drained. Listening to her prayer I pick out some elements that indicate that she is praying to Lloth.

Afterwards she indicates that we are to be the entertainment tomorrow. And she refuses to indicate who the other prisoners may be. We're then led out an eastern corridor into an area with some cots. We go in and they lock a gate behind us. It looked like there might be a total of 5 cells total along here. We talk with some of the prisoners in the other cells and learn that whoever the previous occupants of our cell were, they were taken away and never seen from again.

We struggle to try and remember where we might have met the Elf and the Gnome that were chained in the cavern. But no luck.

After much cogitation and rubbing together of a few brain cells we recall that the Gnome and Elf are Charles and his wife - those that helped us in Taylorville when we first got to this world. Now it's all come together - these are the worshipers of Torm who we are supposed to rescue from this hell hole. But half dead and defeated, and unsure what the morning will bring - I wonder who they'll have to send down to save US!

...To Be Continued...
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Drow, Drow, and a Beholder

Flamerule 24

What a battle! At least I thought there was a battle. But my memory is fuzzy. As if the journal was never posted. But we were victorious. At least I think we are victorious. Wait, I’m still in this stupid world! We must have lost!!

It’s a beautiful sunrise. As we stand by the gates to Dragonspear fort, the Hand of Torm appears. Serena begins to communicate with the Hand of Torm. There are disciples of Torm that are in the tunnels below and they need to be rescued. Serena is not sure how disciples of Torm got into the tunnels.

Were the captured? No priests of Torm are missing.

The entrance appears to come from stairs to the original Dragonspear Castle.

Durin enters first and we descend to a 20x40’ room with a large opening knocked into the east wall.

The tunnel heads east and is clearly worked stone. We travel for a ways and reach a 4-way intersection and turn north. After a few hundred feet, the tunnel “Y’s”. We head northeast and then Y’s again and we head East. It Y’s and we head south.

We continue and spot an opening up ahead. Teresa, moves forward and hears the sounds of Draw’s talking. She peers around the just as an arrow fires past her head, and then rushes into battle swinging at the first drow she encounters.

Strangely the combat is masked from sound. A spell caster is here! Teresa rushes forth to combat the caster, but is confronted with a holy symbol and must back away and resort to bow. Jason attacks with a tremendous flurry, pummeling a drow to death!

The battle does not last too long before we are triumphant.

The drow came from a small camp off the main corridor.

After traversing through several tunnels we are fired upon again by drow. Deja vu!! We are better prepared for this battle, and make short work of the drow.

The tunnels wind about and reach another small outpost of drow and make short work of them.

Glass jaw Eldin gets scratched in the battle and yells for healing. What a wimp!

As Teresa beheads one of the drow with her vorpal sword, Nick yells out that more are coming down the corridor and they have a beholder with them! Barley reacts quickly and throws a tanglefoot bomb, slowing them down. Brand is able get a fireball off, as does Eldin.

The beholder retaliates with a fireball along with magic missile and lightning bolt. This thing does a lot of damage!!!
The battle is not going well as Nick channel heals for the second time as both Barley and Eldin drop.

Teresa takes deadly aim and pincushions the beholder with six arrows, killing it, and then fires 3 arrows at the remaining two drow before they were able to kill Jason.

Through the three battles we recovered:

5 x Drow
light crossbow
crossbow bolts
2 gold
drow poison

studded leather
light crossbow
10 odd crossbow bolts (cold iron)

6 x Drow
hand xbow
xbow bolts
rapiers (3 masterwork)
light shield
3 masterwork breastplates
drow poison
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The Missing Journal
Kythorn 23:
We arrive at Dragonspear in the morning while the air is cool. The guards welcome us to their camp and give us a tent right outside the walls. The party decides to wait overnight in the tent and go to the tunnels in the morning, and we all go to bed except for the designated watch. All is quiet during the night, until a couple of hours after dusk when there is a call from one of the watchman on the wall. "Trolls!" he calls and the others make their way to the gate. Shortly after, there are multiple figures out in the trees moving toward the camp.
The majority of the party is still asleep, so the watch has a hard time preparing for the attack. As the figures get closer we are able to make out some zombies followed closely by trolls and other larger creatures. The trolls charge the gate and climb over as we deal with the small army of undead. The group cleaves through the zombies as the men deal with the trolls. When the battle seems to be going well when there is a massive bolt of lightning from the trees making a hole in one of the camp's structures. As we look back to its origin, we see a rather similar looking figure. A beholder reveals itself as eldin uses fly to soar above it.
We storm the beholder and it goes down. The rest of the men stop the trolls and the battle is over, and to our surprise it seems this kind of thing happens all the time. The soldiers send us on our way in the morning after some briefing and we head for the tunnels.
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Trolls, Trolls, and More ...
Trolls, Trolls, and More Trolls
We begin by trying to remember who was supposed to post last Journal. We have no idea. So now we can't remember anything about last session.

Flamerule 16
We are at Waterdeep to find Gorgo for some reason. We ask around for her lead ship and find it after hours of searching. She is not there. Our best bet for some reason is to go the Temple of Torm. We buy a few cabbages along the way and walk into the temple. In there we see a large chamber and a priest with a crowd worshiping Torm. We wait until the ceremony is done, then we greet the priest and ask him where Gorgo is. We take out the letter that is proof that we know Gorgo. The priest said that she left a month and a half ago to Dragonspear. He also mentioned that groups resupply her every two weeks, and that the next one will happen on Flamerule the 20th.

So now we just have to wait a few days. We head over to an inn across the street called the Double D (Drunken Dwarf). Inside we buy four days worth of rooms and food. We also take bath. I don't remember last time I took a bath...

Flamerule 20
We eat at first light and head out, only to be stalled (no pun intended) by Nick overflowing the outhouse. We follow our guide to where the resupply group is; only to find out they're not there! Ug. Thanks Nick. We head out after them on foot, and later meet up with them. A few hours later, we camp for the night. Even though the caravans have a guard set up, we follow our usual routine for watch.

A bit after midnight, on my watch with Nick, we hear one of the guards yelling, “TROLLS, TROLLS, WAKE UP!!” Nick and I wake up the rest of the party, and join in the battle. Well, some of us put on our armor (because you need armor before you can shoot a bow). After a few solo kills by me, we burn the trolls. Barley takes out pig grease, and pours it on the trolls to get a fire going. And I thought he was crazy carrying that around...

After a few seconds, more trolls invade (because you roll twice in one watch). We continue to fight them, as Durin continues to put on his armor. After a few more seconds, the trolls are on the ground burning, thanks for the help, Durin. We heal up, and go back to bed.

Flamerule 21
We arrive at Daggerford. After a nights' rest there, we head out.

Flamerule 23
We finally reach Dragonspear. Inside, we ask about Gorgo, and her cleric, Serena tells us that she is patrolling, but she is glad to take us to her.

We later meet up with Gorgo and she tells us that the enemy (trolls, ants, orcs, etc). She tells us that they seem to be attacking Elturel, but have not succeeded.

To be continued...
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We didn't start the fires! They were always burning since we were returning.
Kythorn 24

Where are we? You are all you people? Seems like it's been months since we last saw each other.
We sit here discussing what items each of us gets and what spells the casters should memorize.

Finally figure out what the spear does
Spear of black dragon slaying :: +20 vs black dragons, +10 vs acid

And a half hour later…

Still on a raised rock formation, it's very hot in here. Then again we are in a volcano.
We have to keep together because we only have a few rings to protect us from the heat.
It's been an hour now so we'd better get out of here. Slowly, we make our way out of the cavern.

On the narrow stairs, a beetle comes out of the wall. I react first but because I'm in the back and it's too hot to leave the area of protection, I'm forced to wait. Brandon casts a cold spell which kills the beetle. Five more large insects come out of the wall. Durin gets bit. Nick hits one followed by Durin. Theresa jumps down and moves around front to hit the creature. I move up to the beetle, past the others on the narrow stairs. I still cannot reach the beetles so I take out the spear of black dragon slaying. I'll be able to stab between my own party. Some beetles crawl on the wall. Now we're surrounded. Only way to go is back into the large cavern. Nick casts resist fire on me. Now I can leave the ring's area of protection. Nick kills a beetle. A fire elemental creature emerges from a crevasse. I move up to engage it. I hit it once but the heat in intense. Nick's protection is just barely balancing the heat of the environment. Another fire beetle emerges from the wall. The rest of them kill the beetles eventually. While I fight the fire elemental, a second one emerges. I take a beating this round. I was near death for a moment but Nick provides some healing. Theresa joins me fighting the elementals. The rest fight from a ranged position.
yada yada yada … we kill them.

Two hundred feet before the exit, we see two more fire elementals down the main passage towards the heart of the volcano. Luckily, that's to the left and we wanna go to the right.

Outside! We roll the boulder back to cover the entrance. Down the mountain, we find our horses still alive. We ride back towards town.

First night, second watch, we got trouble!
We hear what sounds like a group of people running towards town. A band of orcs and goblins! Nick votes to let the town fend for themselves.

Kythore 25

We arrive in town to find the orcs and goblins pointing spears at some townspeople. Eldin turns invisible and moves closer and casts a fireball at the orcs/goblins and sets at least four buildings on fire. So he does it again and sets another building on fire. Yes, we saved the town! And yet a third fireball. I expect the town's people to be thanking us any minute now. A fourth fireball from Eldin. The smell of charred orc and goblin fills the air as several building are engulfed in flames. The town is going to be so grateful to us for saving them. Never mind the burning buildings. The town is mostly intact. Then Eldin comments that maybe we should have left one orc alive so we can question him. Brandon casts sleet storm to quench all the fires we started.

We go back to the bar to return the rings of fire resistance. The owner is not there. We order lunch. Sure we just set a bunch of buildings on fire and left several dozen orcs' and goblins' charred bodies in the streets, but we're hungry. The owner eventually arrives. He remembered us from a few days ago. We ask about his daughters. We have to return the rings to them.

Later we pay for several rooms. The mayor comes in. We discuss the days events. We're all at a loss to explain the fires (wink wink). The owner's daughters come down and see us. They seem surprised. Did they not expect us to survive? Or maybe not honor our word to return the rings? But they accept the rings back.

So we have the complete suit of armor, the spear of black dragon slaying, and the savior who will wear the armor and wield the spear against the dragon who threatens the north. Our job is done. Oh wait. We still need to raise an army. We ask the daughters about joining our army. They are currently in the town's militia.
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