The game is set in the 1920s and therefore at the origin of the Trinity Universe timeline. The release of unknown Telluric energy has led to the appearance of a number of particularly gifted characters, whose actions have the potential for shaping the future history of the world. The Aeon Society for Gentlemen, founded by philanthropist Maxwell Mercer, is trying to bring together as many "Inspired" characters as possible, supporting and coordinating them in their effort for the betterment of all of humanity. But darkness lurks, and Mercer's champions will have to face it in the most unlikely locales. There are three archetypes ("character classes") for players to choose from:
Daredevils - whose only "powers" revolve around luck and skill.(Indiana Jones)
Mesmerists - Masters of the powers of the mind.(The Shadow)
Stalwarts - Humans now capable of superhuman feats.(Doc Savage)

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