The kingdom Pandora, a civilization risen of Pelorian belief and thought. The kingdom is presented lavishly, tip-top in both it's looks and the kindness and charitability of those that reside within. The monarchy of LeBlanc rules Pandora, a family representing the good faith of the kingdom.

Mid-Breadgiving-Day, a day where clerics of Pelor distribute food to the poor, is when the horror began. King and Queen LeBlanc are viciously slain amongst the once ecstatic civilians by unseen forces, terrifying creatures ravage the city, and the once peaceful and shining Pandora is decimated of it's glory. All left now is the dwindling faith and pride of the people, hoping that a miracle will come and save them from the now Dystopia.

The Hive Mind rules Pandora now, and it's intentions are known far and wide by anyone that will hear.

Lamane Lavernia; the Shining White. Her fate is unsure, but the Hive aspects see it clearly. The Hive Mind, eager to rule the land, is to impregnate her in approximately 12 moons, the time in which she will come of age and able to bear the creature's child.

Lamane Lavernia is the forced rule of Dystopia and separated from her twin brother, Loki. The two siblings have together the power to save their kingdom, the only problem being is that nobody knows where Loki is, nor how to reunite the two.

Along with the issue of rescuing the Prince and Princess, the kingdom is heavily oppressed by the infiltrating monsters. Weaponry is extremely limited, along with the practice of combat.

Eager to rescue fellow Pelorians, the Allies of the Sun are formed, a secretive regime that trains exclusive peoples to help them rescue the fallen of Pandora. This is where you come in.

Your mission: You are to either rescue Lamane Lavernia and Lamane Loki, or slay the malignant Hive Mind.

However, both are tasks to be completed by only the bravest and most foolish of champions.

Are you one of them?

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I often ponder what my parents were thinking when they named me a human name. "June". What does that even mean? I've asked before, when I was young. They told me it was an ancient human name of a season depicting the forest and flowers, green grass and leaves. I suppose it is a fairly pretty name.
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There was a lighthouse.
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