Welcome to the 9th Age Campaign. Here you will find much that is familiar, with a twist. The winds of time bring change, but the more things change, the more they remain as they were. In this, the 9th Age of reckoning since creation on Golarion, upheaval is wrought where peace once reigned, and chaos seeks a foothold. Whispers of an ancient malevolence returning can be heard in dark corners if one knows where to listen, and the good folk of the world sense that something is awry. But change can come in unexpected forms: Jaspar - young mage, book seller, voracious consumer of knowledge, and aspring world-traveler; and Tharamund - Dwarven priest of Torag, chef extraordinaire, and guardian to the weak. These two are brought together under strange and mysterious circumstances. Is it fate? Only time will tell as they unravel the mysteries entangled with their kidnapping, entrapment, and subsequent escape; exploring the world and deciding whether they can trust anyone in the process, even themselves...

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A word with Father...
Discuss with Stenton Bristen about Petros's concerns, their past heritage, and the package from Yorich.
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A word with Father...
Discuss with Stenton Bristen about Petros's concerns, their past heritage, and the package from Yorich.
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Party Loot/Items
22 Days trail rations 10
4 days feed 40
Pack saddle 15
Large tent 20
Hemp Rope 10
5 hand crossbows 10
Bedroll (Arti) 5
Common Lamp (Arti) 1
5 flasks of oil (Arti) 5

Waterproof Bag 6.5
small gift-box with a tied bundle inside to deliver to Stenton Bristen {from Yorich} - 5 lbs
Scroll Case #2 (from Antiochus) - 1/2 lb
{A sealed and rolled piece of vellum in a scroll-case, to be delivered to Stenton in Sandpoint}
Scroll Case #3 (1/2 lb)
Parchment (x10)
Posting from The Stump: "You can find me just past the stone the color of which you courted me with."

Book Backpack" (2 lb) 16.5
{Lined by Waterproof Bag (1/2 lb)}
"A Rare Light-by McFlinda" 1 lb
"The Book of Magic" the holy book of Nethys 1 lb
"A Scholar's Lament" by Par-Salion - 1 lb
"Theories on Combining Arcane and Divine" by Anonymous - 2 lb
"Footprint book" 3 lb
"Agrippa's Matters Profundis" 1 lb
"Arcane Magic in Practice and Theory" 2 lb
"Beliefs of the Civilized Races : Ancient" 2 lb
"De Raerum Daemonicum" - scribed by Jaspar in an oilskin book bought in Fairhill - 1 lb
Book "Outlaws"
Book "Lucky's Lassies"
Scroll Case w/ Map "Blade of Agrimor"
Note from "The Hand"
Note from bandits' camp
Frigur's Notes and Maps
"Dwarven Runes" By Bainisk
Deed to 25 High Way
Map to Sanos Trail
Note from Estavian to Uvilia
Book of Summoning from Wartle Catacombs - 10

Sack #2 (1/2 lb) 17
"Good condition" Leather Armor - 15 lb
Amulet - gold skull on black background, from robed man
Ink quill
Vial of ink
Blue Woolen Robe
Waterproof Bag (1/2 lb)
Warhammer (Tharamund)
Pitons - 10 (Arti) - 5
Marean Silk Cloak - 1

Small Chest 25
CP 390 15.5
SP 195
GP 188
PP 6

Total Weight


Arodus 4: Tharamund took 18 gold and 1 silver for ink, inkpen, and journal
Arodus 4: Tharamund took 10 gold for travelling money
Arodus 10: Coins deposited from Fairhill
Arodus 11: Jaspar took 80 gold for restoration at shrine of Pharasma
Arodus 11: Tharamund took 135 gold for armor purchase at Flathe's
Arodus 11: Quaine sold bookends, goblet, and bracelet for 42 gold
Arodus 11: Jaspar sold items to Ennich for 40 gold
Arodus 12: Tharamund withdrew 55 gold for Eelwyn's release
Arodus 13: Deposited 20 gold reward from Jarwald for hops
Arodus 13: Jaspar withdrew 120 gold for scribing
Arodus 13: Deposited 20 gold reward from Bandalar Leaves
Arodus 14: Deposited 225 gold from selling gems
Arodus 15: Withdrew 131 gold, 3 silver, 5 copper for journey supply purchases
Arodus 20: Withdrew 90 gold for passage aboard the Crimson Eel
Arodus 21: Deposited 545 gold from reward and findings in Wartle
Arodus 21: Deposited 500 gold from dealings with Antir
Arodus 22: Withdrew 510 gold to split among party
Arodus 22: Jaspar withdrew 200 gold for scribing
Arodus 23: Withdrew 64 gold for party purchases in Varden
Arodus 25: Withdrew 110 gold for donation to Briarstone Asylum
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Party's Agenda
1: Locate Valanni Krinst to deliver Mayor Lann's request for aid for Wartle

2: Locate Gherin Mauk at Heidmarch Manor to report the findings at the Sanos site and the events at Wartle

3: Travel to Sandpoint for Jaspar's sister's wedding and the Swallowtail Festival

Those are the three most vital tasks to complete in the immediate future.

Also needing to be addressed are the following, in no particular order:

A: Find lodging within Magnimar
B: Buy/sell some items (general goods/weapons, magic items, supplies for magical scribing, potions, rogue supplies)
C: Find Caman the Wise
D: Varisians search for information/book regarding the Amulet of Beasts
E: Varisians find Magnimarian acquaintances
F: Locate Dwarven Standing Stone near Magnimar
G: Find the Drunken Otter to ask about brewing methods for Jarwald
H: Deliver items for Yorich
I: Find Shariss at The Silken Bowl, telling the password/phrase "the Sun Rises Twice"
J: Jaspar wishes to touch base with friends/acquaintances that he trusts regarding the events, including Corian
K: Find out information about Dagmar Lazurias, Constantin Lazurias, and the Hand

Feel free to add anything on to this list. I made this post editable by anyone.
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Flight from the mountain
Official Campaign Journal
1st Session:
Woke up, bound and gagged in a cell. Human named Jaspar broke his bonds and unbound the rest of us. Man named Thevin, and his son Quaine (who was unconcious) were also in the cell. We investigated a hole in the wall, and discovered a weak spot.
Knocked down the wall to find a natural cave. Followed cave south to find a cavern with a pool of water and a rope hanging from above. Proceeded further south along the cave and found a large cavern with an abandoned campsite. Found remains of possible explorers (treasure-hunters?), and searched their bodies and possessions, which included some rusty weapons and armor, a map, a letter, and some supplies. Went back to the pool cavern to further investigate the pool. Found some coins and a strange sealed black box. Headed back north along the cave, which ended in a cave-in. After determining that we could proceed no further (and hearing a threatening growl coming from the rubble), we headed back to the cell.
In the cell, we heard screaming and sounds of fighting. Jaspar looked through a crack above the door and came in contact with an adolescent girl. She told us her name was Areen, and that she needed our help, that her family was in trouble, and after retrieving the cell key unlocked the door and released us. She explained that a band of bandits had enslaved her family, who built this complex for the bandits afterwards. She only escaped by killing one of them who had raped her. After discussing the situation, we agree to help her. She explained that there was a man called the "alchemist" somewhere on this level of the complex, and that there is a way up to the next level beyond a secret passageway. We decided to investigate the alchemist, in hopes of learning more of our predicament and perhaps finding some of our missing possessions.
2nd Session:
We explored the level we were on, and eventually made it to the Alchemist's room. Thinking we had caught him unaware, he turned the tables on us and threw a fiery potion at Jaspar, engulfing him in flames. After a long, arduous battle, we slew the vile man. Investigating his chambers, we discovered some of our belongings, including Jaspar's magic amulet and my holy symbol of Torag. Also of note, we found a mysterious note having to do with diseases and underhanded acts, signed by someone called "The Hand." After healing our wounds, we headed back to the others waiting for us at the cell. Quaine was now conscious. We all discussed what had happened and what our next course of action would be.
Areen led us to the secret passageway leading upstairs to the next level of the complex.
3rd Session:
What greeted us on the other side appeared to be the results of a bloody battle. Numerous bodies littered the floor. A hallway to the north turned out to be the "slave quarters," where Areen and her family had been living in captivity. There we found Areen's dead mother, run through with a sword. After consoling the poor girl and restoring her grit, we continued exploring the area. We found a dining area, and ate our fill of food that was on the table. We also collected some rations to take with us and filled our canteens. The next room we found was apparently the "captain's" room. There we found a chest, which was unfortunately locked. While attempting to open the chest, Jaspar triggered a trap, which he deftly avoided. Turning up some lockpicks in a wardrobe, Areen showed us that she had learned a few tricks, and quickly dispatched of the lock. Inside the chest was my warhammer, along with sacks of coins that Thevin called his profits from the caravan, and a couple of vials of orange liquid. A piece of paper was on the bottom of chest, with writing on it. The paper revealed that Jaspar and I were targets of a kidnapping and ransom plan. Other items of note in the captain's quarters: a book titled "The Way of the Outcast," some fine boots, a small book which I took a fancy to, and some sandals.
4th Session:
We then continued down the hallway, turned north, and found two more rooms: a storage room and a barracks. Searching the storage room, we found all of our remaining gear! After getting suited up, we continued on our way down the hallway. At the end, it opened up in to a
larger room. Entering the room right after us, on the opposite side were two men: a mustached man wearing studded armor being led at swordpoint by a man dressed in crimson robes and a dark golden cloak. They seem surprised to see us, and the mustached man took advantage of the situation to quickly draw a dagger on the other man and run him through. We soon learned that this was Danaan, the captain of the bandits. He offered to let us live if we came with him. We chose to fight. After a long, bitter battle, Jaspar's magic slew the evil man. Beyond the room, we found the exit of the complex! Looking outside, we discovered we were on a mountainside. After deliberation, we decided to make our way down and set up camp to rest and plan our next moves...
5th Session:
Gathering the body of Areen's mother, we headed down the mountainside path. Passing another path overgrown with brush and a cave that we determined the bandits used as a stable, we made it down the mountainside and buried the body near a large tree. I marked the gravesite and made a prayer to Torag and Magrim.
We headed north through the trees to the river, where we found a ferry attended by two men. After haggling for a moment about the price to cross, we paid the men and crossed the river. Once across the river, we found ourselves near a dirt road. Hearing loud sounds from the road to the east, we decided to hide in the trees on the north side of the road. Soon we saw the ferrymen with their wagon heading west on the road, trailed by some men riding horses trying to hail them down (we assumed these were the bandits that were out raiding).
After deliberating for a bit, we made our way north through the woods in the direction of smoke (the ferrymen had told us of an inn nearby). We soon came to a large building once the trees had cleared. Determining that this was the inn, we went inside to seek food and shelter. The inn was occupied by a few other people: the innkeeper, a performer, two large men seated at a table, a man wearing leather poring over some notes, and a woman dressed in chain. Jaspar began chatting with the innkeeper to inquire for food and lodging. While he was busy, I noticed a man in the same type of robe as the other men coming down the stairs! He saw us, and then retreated back upstairs. I told Jaspar what I saw, and we both excused ourselves and went upstairs. We found an empty hallway, and before we could attempt to figure out where
the man went, the innkeeper interrupted to ask us what we were doing. After convincing him that we were acquaintances of the robed men, he told us which room they were staying in. We knocked on the door to no answer. After hearing some rustling, I rushed downstairs and outside just in time to see the robed man riding off on a horse, following the road to the north.
6th Session:
The people inside the inn followed the commotion outside; Thevin, Quaine, Areen, and some of the patrons. The woman in chain introduced herself as Lavare. The performer approached us as well, but we mostly ignored the man. Back inside the inn, our group sat at a booth to eat and converse. Areen began reading through a red book that she said was her grandfather's, perhaps trying to determine where her family would have gone. We then set about meeting the rest of the bar patrons.
Roclin, innkeeper: we paid him for the suite that the robed men vacated, and took the room. He told us of the lack of law in the area, and how bandits roam the land. His son. Garion, left him for Whistledown, where he works to bring business in for a local inn there. He would like us to talk to the boy if possible.
Raik and Baranthus: mercenaries (?) who help protect the inn for Roclin. They asked us if we would be interested in joining them on an expedition to the Mushfens in search of a legendary monster called "Mobogo."
Lavare: invited us to help escort her to Magnimar in the morning.
Performer: started a game of riddles, which I partook in. I answered the first one correctly, then lost the second riddle. Cursed myself for being a part of it.
We headed up to our room when it was ready, unpacked our belongings and made ourselves comfortable. Jaspar detected magic on our stash of items from the bandit headquarters, and revealed that some items were indeed magical: a ring, an amulet, a pair of boots, and some
potions. We also counted and split the gold from the bag we took from Danaan's room. At that moment, we heard a commotion downstairs. It was a man (probably one of the bandits) asking Roclin if he had seen us. Roclin covered for us, with the help of Raik and Baranthus. Roclin then confronted us, and we revealed that we were indeed the people who the man was looking for. After quickly conversing with Lavare, Raik, and Baranthus again about the opportunities they offered us, we headed back to our room to rest and plan our next move...
8th Session:
Awoke the next morning to find Areen missing. Made preparations and headed out in search of the missing caravan. Headed east across the Yondbakari River, noticing black smoke coming from the direction of the bandit base that we escaped from. Nearing the end of the massive stone bridge, we were ambushed by a group of bandits! They quickly disabled Thevin and Jaspar, and the situation was dire. Just in the nick of time, Raik and Baranthus came to our aid, assaulting the bandits from behind with flames! Thanking them for their help, we healed our wounds and continued (more cautiously) on our way east. Soon we came to an overturned cart, which Thevin and Quaine determined to be one of their own. Closer investigation revealed that a large serpent had made its home here. We let the snake be, and followed some bear tracks to the north in to the woods. Continuing north, we lost the bear tracks, but came upon an abandoned campsite. Discovered that this was the camp of the dead bandits who attacked us on the bridge. There we found a few supplies, along with a note that read “We have been exposed. As we have discussed before as our backup plan, we are burning all evidence at the hideout, and moving on to The Keep. Take the remaining horses and meet us there after you have recaptured the quarry.”
It became clear that we would not soon find the rest of the caravan remains, so we made our way back to the Dancing Gypsy. We were soon set upon by a rider. This man was Garion, son of Roclin, the innkeeper of the Dancing Gypsy. He was intent on dissuading us from staying at the inn. A haughty fellow, he made it a point to let us know that he was to be knighted soon for his "good deeds." Also told us to visit the Gnarled Gnome in Whistledown if we were looking for a better inn.
9th Session:
Determined to make some progress this day, we set down the Dry Road to the north, to Whistledown. After a few miles, we arrived at the town, and Thevin directed us to Thagin's Rest, a local inn. In the marketplace, Jaspar haggled with a merchant for a map of the local area. Afterwards, we made our way in to Thagin's Rest. Approached the bar to find Thevin in conversation with the barkeep, who introduced himself as Jarwald.
Events at Thagin's Rest:
- Convinced Thevin that Quaine should stay with us to help bring justice and order to the region
- Inquired about 'Larisia," the name on the ring we found in the cavern at the bandit base. She was the wife of the founder of this inn before it was Thagin's Rest. Thagin had disappeared years and years ago to hunt for fortune in order to repay debts. When he did not return, the Inn burned mysteriously, and Larisia vanished. Returning (or rather, selling) the ring and the note brought closure about this mystery.
- The "Keep" is actually an old rundown manor house to the west of town, called Lysander Manor.
- Jaspar made contact with a mysterious woman at the inn. He is to meet her tomorrow at the Stump tomorrow when the sun is at its highest.
- Raelic is the captain of the guards in Whistledown. We should contact him about the bandit
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