This is the place for all the things you should know about the world of Syris. I'm likely to make errors both of continuity, and of not remembering exactly what you guys did. If you see something that isn't right, let me know.

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Don't eat the meat at the Sleepy Sheep
Guided by the Paladin of the God of drink and merriment, our heroes stumbled along the path to Dobrit, the first stop in what could be a very long journey...

Our heroes first encountered trouble in the form highwaymen enacting tolls upon those who would travel the roads. When told to pay tribute, The Firelord thought to use a bit of trickery, and conjure an illusion of coin. The leader saw through the ruse, and our heroes had no choice but to put down him and his men.

With Dobrit in their sights, they began to be assaulted by the myriad of sensations that normally plague a small farming village. Our heroes then separated to accomplish various tasks:

The lady Thyranne discovered a young girl in need of clerical attention. Further examination of the wound found on the child determined that the rapid decay could only have resulted from contact of the Unholy. The rot was spectacularly vanquished by the power of her god Heirodin.

The rest of the party inquired around town for information that could lead them on their quest. In the course of this investigation our heroes surmised that the bar, "Drink Here" was obviously of nefarious origin, and spent the next few hours looking through every nook and, magical cranny the hellish bar may have. The only thing that could be considered an accomplishment was the poisoning of the Tiefling, Nagesh. Finally the blacksmith Griswald, was able to point them in the direction of the long abandoned mine to the east of town.

With night not long in it's coming, our heroes decided to find room for the night.

The Sleepy Sheep was ran by the most pleasant of old ladies, and our party may have had a restful night sleep, but they discovered the sinister truth of the Sheep and it's owner when Zyx "stumbled" into the bloody dungeon of a basement. Miriel, the owner, fled when it was found out. After finding evidence that the owner and her late husband were cannibals that would eat their guests, our adventurers rushed to track her down. The chase led to a forest clearing, and there revealed Miriel's late husband whom-by his deeds of cannibalism-was transformed into a ghoul...

The party would never try to make peace with a ghoul, so obviously they set that bitch on fire!

The party was finally able to rest, and when they awoke in the morning they discovered that their guide, Geralt was nowhere to be found. Dumbfounded, not only by the fact their Ecclesiary assigned guide was gone, but also by the thought of a Paladin in service of Heinrig, the god of drink and merriment.

Our heroes then set upon the path to the Dobrit mines to find answers...

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The Beginning
Turaviel, Spy Master of the Ecclesiary: "We are in dire straights. The K'Fud army is pushing across our territories virtually unopposed. K'Fud has been preparing for this war for far longer than we could have anticipated, while Celia for the past hundred years has had a weak succession of soft layabout kings. This new King is no better. He's striving for peace talks, and talks of giving back the surrounding territories to the natives when this is over. Peace will not happen. K'Fud sees Celia as chaotic and thinks it is their duty to bring order. The new Warmaster L'Myr seemingly came out of nowhere and is extremely skilled. We need an edge...Now then I personally have selected this group for your individual skills distasteful as some of them may be.(Looks at Zyx) Your assignment is to discern the most immediate threat against our nation, and if possible eliminate or turn it for our own use. The first lead we have for you to investigate comes from our spys in K'Fud. L'Myr has sent an expeditionary force toward the Dead March. The Warmaster doesn't waste resources. If he sent them to the Dead March then there most definitely is a reason, and we need you to find out what it is.(He gestures over to a man with stark white hair with wicked scars on the right side of his face. He is also dressed in Half-Plate and carrying a large sword.) This is Geralt of Heinrig, he is visiting from our Dremen chapter. He has offered to be your guide for the area. Now leave me I am quite busy.
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