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The End
We all knew when we set out that there was no guarantee. I'll admit, I wasn't keen on staying with these folk all too much when this all first came about. They grew on me though, and even though at times Cab would get a little salty, I still thought them the closest thing to kin I've had since the start of the war.

We did what we had to do, even if what we had to do was go up against impossible odds. We went back to that house. More prepared then the last time, holy water and oil in hand. Sam's... things ready with torches. It was a bad go from the start though. They got the jump on us, and I almost met my end then and there. Papa Agway met his end as well. Quickly, Elijah moved for the basement where the master of this domain had retreated. Maybe I should've stayed, but I couldn't leave it to Elijah alone. He didn't have the holy water, and it seemed to effect them. So, down I went, hot on his heels.

What we found was a sight lesser men would've run from. Maybe we should have too. It became clear, very quickly that we were overmatched. Had Cab been with us, maybe we would've prevailed. Another round of lead into the beast. Alas, that was not the case, Cab had his hands full behind us. We had to run, Elijah went, but I had to buy him time.

Time. Funny how slowly it goes when you're dying. When a blood sucking monster is devouring you.

I only hope they made it out.
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Why'd we think this was a good idea again? I'm starting to hate "Issac" even more.
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This is not something I a...
This is not something I am looking forward to doing. When did we go from trying to save ourselves to ridding the world of monsters. I'm not no hunter of beasts. I'm a gambler by choice. Warden by necessity. How my life is changing so fast.
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As I lit the fuse, I was overcome with the dreadful sense that yes, this was going to be like the time I was beat up by all those whores.
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Blood Drinkers and Newspaper Editors
While we waited for our appointment with the Blood Drinker I took an excursion to the local newspaper's office (The New Orleans Tribune, as it happened). I eventually bribed/talked my way into the archives, (by pretending to be an assistant for a would-be detective) and was able to find some information on another man who may fit our needs for a traitor.

His name is Lucien Albertson, and he was a gunsmith suspected of cheating several of his customers. Unfortunately, his method was to short the powder in the rounds he was selling, and his customers were unlikely to live long enough to complain about his practice. He was forced to close his business, but there wasn't enough to charge him with anything properly.

The newspaper article was penned by a "George Elliot" but I have reason to believe that is a pseudonym for a staff member by the name of Maryanne. I understand the reasons for that, of course, but she was unresponsive to my requests for more information about Albertson.

That took most of the afternoon, and while I spent some time in the shops to let my trail grow colder, I had to return to our house eventually, and from there to the Blood Drinker's abode. He had requested we meet with him to discuss matters, and ostensibly for him to give us the chance to make amends for breaking in the previous evening.

He seems to be drinking from Oakley, and feeding in some measure from the Jade Fire. It is not a comforting thought that his power might be further increased by this. What would the reaction be, we wondered, of a force that brings men back from the dead on a man who is waking dead.

We entered the house, and began a conversation. I did my best to cool tempers, hoping not to bring this to violence. We had a difficult enough time against the three the night before, without fighting their chief. And everything he said made so much sense, that when he suggested that he and I adjourn to another room, there was little argument I could find against it...
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