In the wake of Orcus' failed invasion of the mortal realms the Nentir Vale stands as an island of stability and light in an ocean of chaos and darkness but now ancient terrors threaten to tear the very fabric of reality asunder.

Can a new generation of heroes rise to the challenge?

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All Hail the Victorious Heroes of Kobold Hall!
Darkness continues to encroach upon the vale but there are people who are willing to stand against it albeit under slight duress and for compensation.

Our heroes valiantly delved deep under the formerly empty Kobold Hall to put an end to the bandits preying upon the Kings road, fighting their way through a horde of bandits they interrupted a strange blood sacrifice...and found themselves face to face with a Silver Dragon under the sway of a strange Kobold bloodmage and his Dragonborn allies.

After a fierce battle the bloodmage was slain and what remained of his allies fled the scene to who knows where and our heroes found themselves having won both a great deal of wealth and the gratitude of the dragon Thraxthu'umdok.

Returning to Fallcrest they parted ways with Thrax and after reporting to the Du Mayne Major Domo (and collecting payment), retired to the Chicken Coop Inn to celebrate their new found fortune and await word of an easy escort job on one of the caravans headed to Winterfell in the next few weeks.

Loot found
Bloodcut hide armour +1 - Jess
Heavy shield of silver light - Jess
Staggering Greataxe + 1 - David Brown
Cask of Liquid Gold! - kept for general party consumption!
Mysterious Dwarven Lockbox containing Copper Dragon Skin - kept by party

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