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    Thirst Simic Hybrid/M/Stkr/Rogue/5
    "Hiddens from all, nothings hides from me."
    Description:Pebbly scales cover every inch of his body and beady shifting eyes move independent of each other. With slit nostrils and short sharp teeth, it is clear that he is either of Viashino origin or has some sort of amphibian or reptilian DNA spliced into his genes.
    Background:Once considered a failed hybrid experiment, he is now utilized by the Simic Combine as a primary researcher and information gatherer on health codes and ethics of the other guilds.
    Details:Personality Traits: I can't resist prying into anything forbidden, since it must be terribly interesting. I am curious, but also superstitious. Ideals: It's foolish to let emotions and principles interfere with the conclusions of logic. I value material things due to my poor background. Bon...
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    Zebruso Loxodon/M/Def/Cleric/1
    ""Zebruso is love, Zebruso is the truth, come and sit at Zebrusos feet and learn!""
    Description:Zebruso stands
    Background: Zebruso was sold into slavery. At a young age both his parents were killed in front of him and he was taken to be sold to the highest bidder. That highest bidder would be a savage ganglord by the name of Kalephint. Kalephint had specific plans for the young loxodon, to train him into his ult...
    Details:Zebruso is big even for a loxodon standing at around 7' 5" and weighing around 440 lbs. From his time as an enforcer, he is pretty accustomed to brawls and from his time in the church he has become adept at many different weapon times. (Zebruso's domain is the war domain)
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    Veotrius Minotaur/M/Fighter(Champion)/5th
    "Are you not entertained?"
    Description:Veotrius stands 6'8" but his carved horns and matted fur make it hard to tell exactly how large he is. The muscles on his arms divulge great strength developed through years of preparations for battle. His fur is dark brown thick and matted in many places. Pieces of bone are woven into the mats...
    Background:Veotrius was born of the Ordruun line of Boros Minotaurs. He showed great promise through his upbringing in the Horizon Military Academy. During a particularly nasty Gruul uprising his unit was decimated and he was taken captive by a Minotaur leader of the Scab Clan. He was forced to fight for...
    Details:Personality Traits: There isn't a lot out there that I am unprepared to deal with. I don't anger quickly, but when I do you had better be ready for a fight. Ideals: We all live, we all die, might as well make both a fun experience. Bonds: The only of my three brothers who admits I am s...
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    Zivix Goblin/M/Ldr/Wizard/5
    "Zivix wants it, it looks shiny."
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    Chazirek Dark Elf/M/Druid/5

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