Writing include of five questions. Student is required to choose one of the paper topics and write a paper of at least 350 words. The paper topics given may be detailed, story or others. When choosing your preferable topic, you should continually ask yourself “Am I confident of writing this topic?” select the one that you have full self-confidence of writing it. You will possibly write a poor or run out of points if you lack confidence in yourself. in test, choose an topic that you have interest in it or it sound well-known to you. For apply use, choose any topics that you would like to try writing it. It can be the topic that you have no importance in or even the one that you dare not write down during examination! You may gain confidence as you do more practices For this you can also take help from online cheap essay writing service. These writing services, hire paper that help you write a great piece of paper no matter how hard the topic is in a more affordable rate. No matter what time of the day is, you can anytime take help

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