What loathsome dregs of humanity yet live on within the corpse of Teris. A land once renowned for its elegance and prowess in the face of despair, reduced to dust and rubble in the blink of an eye. Legend has it, the gods grew fearful of mankind’s divinity and so they delivered unto him a cursed medium known as The Nectar. An incredibly potent reality warping substance that altered the very fabric of humanity. At first such a gift appeared as if a blessing from the heavens, but before long it became clear that the gods had doomed humankind into oblivion. Suddenly, there was a resource of incredible value, one that appeared virtually everywhere and could be used to enhance virtually anyone or anything. With Nectar, nothing was impossible. However, such power would give birth to a constricting evil, greed. This godly mineral was wanted by everyone. Afterall it could cure unknown illnesses, enhance physical strength, increase the efficiency of a cutting blade, and so on. With such a priceless commodity at stake it wasn’t long before the first disputes broke out, and gave way to a series of great wars.

No one truly knows when the world crumbled, all we have to go on are the old scriptures of the past and what little Nectar there is to keep us breathing. Some say a massive eruption of Nercternal Power caused a chain reaction all across the globe. While others claim the gods themselves descended upon us and razed the world in fire. But those are only theories. The only thing we do know is that Teris is but a shell of its former self. Cracked and hollowed out, oozing like a yolk from an eggshell. Left this way it will surely rot into oblivion… unless…

Well, they say there is a crown made from the purest strain of Nectar. The crown of the old King Teris himself. Such a crown could perhaps rejuvenate the land and restore it to its former glory. Alas, the crown has been lost to time and our world bears many dangers to a wanderer. There is no time to follow a hope or dream in this world of dust and rubble.

Abandon thy hope, and raisith thy sword.
Fight for what’s left, and follow thy word.
Count out thy bullets, and ready thy gun.
In the wasteland of gods, havith thy fun.

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