Adventures set in and around the fabled city of Punjar, Northlands, Aereth.

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Hey! Where'd Sinaris go?
I can't believe he just left like that. I mean I can, because it was important, but... which way did he say was out?

No, I wasn't paying attention, were you?

Don't look at me to get us out of this forest! Just because my ears are a little pointy you think I 'know the woods'? I'm city girl!

Yeah, yeah, I'll give it a try - I am more than sick of these trail rations... but no promises.

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Meera's Character Sheet from iplay4e
Hey guys, if you use the character builder from Wizards, then you can upload it to the iplay4e website (need a google account to login there). Once it's on iplay4e, then it can be embedded in EpicWords. I put it on my character page, and here is a copy embedded in the blog:

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OK... This time it may have been my fault...
OK... This time it may have been my fault...

That woman we rescued said that Akbar Bloodtooth was selling slaves over in Smoke. I knew this could be my only chance to pick up the trail again.

I spent a couple days investigating the auction. Buying drinks, paying bribes... People were fairly tight lipped about it. I had to dig deep into my funds just to get a location. In the end, what I learned was that sneaking into this thing wasn't a one-man job.

I knew I could count on Fenrir to help. There would be a lot of gold changing hands (I assume from the guest list), so getting in and out would certainly be profitable. She'd do it for the right price. I found her in the usual place, playing cards with a couple chumps.

I waited patiently for her to finish the last hand, and when the chumps accused her of cheating, I calmly advised them that it wouldn't be a good idea to start any thing. Between that advice and the cool looks that Fenrir was giving them, they backed down. Much to my relief. I couldn't afford to draw any attention to myself just yet.

When I asked Fenrir about hiring muscle for the job, she suggested Sinaris and Marius. Sinaris, I had no problem with. The man is a little odd, but no one can doubt his usefulness in a battle. Marius was another matter... The brute was impressive in a fight, but his association with Soleth made me nervous. He's pretty straight-laced, and undoubtedly will bring Meera along with him, who is even more so....

I don't like the idea of involving them in my affairs, but Fenrir was right. On such short notice, it would have been hard to find anyone else.

The plan was fairly straight-forward:

To be continued...
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Next up and quick summary...
We last left off with the banishment of the “shadow” dragon and the final demise of the Beggar King’s ill-fated plan.

All members will want to meet up with the Thieves’ Guild contact, Geroff at The Silent Maid tavern in Smoke to bring your good news and hopefully collect your reward.

Marius and Meera need to report back to Aleana at the Valdreth temple with the results of their venture in to the miserable and wretched Smoke district.

Shadwin learned potentially important clues to his past family affairs from the rescued woman Saleena. It seems Akbar Bloodtooth, one time first mate of the Gray Mist, is now running an illegal slave auction in the Squalor district in the back of some place called Soul Alley.

Sinaris and the party found an ancient encrypted map in the treasure left behind from the escaped rogue Eladrin, Virmoth. It needs to be deciphered by a sage or a scholar perhaps?

Fenrir is happy to have made it though everything alive but she is finding odd happenings with the Skull Rod she found off of the evil Tiefling Witch, Mother Zeb’oltha.

I will send private messages to individuals as needed.
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And this is how it all ended...
We went back under the city, past the old slaver's hold, and fought our way through looking for the Beggar King.

Fenrir and Shadwin administered healing potions while I picked my way over to the roof. Everyone survived. Thank Valdreth - It's a miracle.

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