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Crisis of the 12
a long night of intrigue. Demons in the streets, Fiddenmar facing final justice, and a power struggle within the Twelve.
Session: Game Session - Thursday, Apr 16 2015 from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Nether Tether
We continued our Gnoll adventure bringing more and more clarity to this troubled realm. King Atticus is dead. The Priests are in revolt.

The bysheck metal continues to be reclaimed.

Yargnast broke his bonds but was easily vanquished by my material allies.
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We have made first contact with the gnolls hiding in the desert opening portals to the demonic realm of Yeenoghu.

They shall all be destroyed.

They attacked our Sky Barge & we pushed them back into the abyss.
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General Ledger

  1. Defeated the Giant in the Shadow
  2. Fight Dwarves flinging the gnomes
  3. Fight Dwarves flinging the gnomes
  4. back to Pillar's Crossing
  5. Jaros helps us destroy the Shadow Form controlling the Saldenus, King of Ancient giant
  6. King says that was not him.

  7. Bemin is attacked by the shadows
  8. slight burning
    lots of little slashes
    harlot in the room is meat
    We think that the shadow did this
    Jaro sent the shadow from the Giant into a stone and through the stone into a portal that went back into time--
    not where it went, but when it went
    Garen Kell-Storm Lord, We use his Airship
    Head of the Silver Flame--On the Council
    Sovreign Host is not on the council
    Leviticus is Soveriegn host
    House Jarasco Archmage is very patronizing, a serious investigator
    Baron Alare is the Head of Bemin's house--Tharani [the fallen house of theives]
    the assasin killing house

    Gnoll Shamen
    Merris Tethin has returned--they have a great general
    Drow are waging war again
    The Great King is dead--Rathemen
    Firebrand City

    People have turned to the darker Gods
    Power of Yeenoghu summoning the Pack
    If the pack is summoned we do not know what will happen
    Yeenoghu is the rival of Orcus
    Drow are slaying the Gnolls
    We Gave Merris Tethin Cinderholm--the Dwarf City underground

    Three Temples of Yeenoghu
    One to summon the Pack
    One to summon the Avatar
    One to summon his weapon so we he can grab it and walk this world

    We head into Mearthtethin
    He is sleeping
    A child has him sleeping
    She has him on incense


What was the goal the pact agreed to perform?
Slaughter the Drow in the desert, craig, and all of the hiding place

What remains of the gnolls that do not worship Yeenoghu ?
those not sacrificed hold their tongues in fear

Who is responsible for Rahomin's current death?
The Halfling Dragon took his phylactery--Crispin!

What are the ways to prevent the Avatar arrival?
Destroy the Blood offering, stop the priest from asking, prevent the Pack from meeting its goal

Rehamune's Temple
The Wizard King
his temple is thrashed in rage.
Session: Something evil stirs in the gnoll fortresses of menectauren. - Thursday, Aug 21 2014 from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM
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Giant King Returns
Otho the Chemical skeletal general is all bones. Turning flesh & bone to gold. What happened to the grand jeweler. Died. 395 years ago. KUBA writing from 1000 years ago. No immortality. Seldin the King. Vial to bring him back does not work. Reform in Pillars Crossing. Ancient being who existed for centuries 30 feet tall. Watched lesser races develop. Needed to be in many places at once. Velmastif the Grande Jeweler split me apart. Gems in display case are parts of me. Saladin Grand Throne Room is destroyed. Pieces. Orb of Sudden Insanity.

Thrall--Sargent of dwarf tanks that launched gnomes

Yergo--fun mist from pillars--surrounds him. Must be king reforming.

Jeron the Stone--librarian. Ritual to keep the King from returning

Duerger home destroyed.

Hammersmiths cannot enslave the king, because Shooter is killing them all with artifacts scimitars

Returned to Bake--we are now on the Council of 12.

Need to divide up the gold

Mindfeather is in far realms--sent us +5 amulet of protection with image of beholders--"I got everything I want".

There is a war coming.

Build a temple to Vol?

Not sure where to go next...
Session: The end is near - Thursday, May 29 2014 from 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM
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