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Updated WIKIs
Updated a bunch of WIKIs for the game. As I stated in the WIKIs for lore or trappings the d20 books are a good source as I will be following their canon for the most part.
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Update characters please
Hey everyone if you could please make sure to update your EW character details that would be great. Public character backgrounds and stats would be perfect. Even better would be to email me any additional character background info you would like to keep secret that I should know about. Thanks!
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I added some updates to get us going. For magic lets use the Solomon Kane system for now. For magic using characters, please send me your selections and we can work through it. Once you give me your character concept we can work out an appropriate magic system trapping that fits.

We are starting out in the city of Shadizar, the capital of the land of Zamora, also known as the City of Wickedness. Please start figuring out a reason you are there and I can work the story side with everyone's character.

Please try and get your starting gear sorted out. Basically you should not have more than the clothes on your back and basic supplies. If you have a roleplay reason this wouldn't work let me know and we can work it out.

There are a bunch of custom rules and systems I want to try for SW-Hybora but some of it will definitely be added as we go. I want to start slow with the custom content and then work it in as we get going. I am always open to suggestions in this regard.
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