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  • animal companions, familiars, & mountsSpacer
    Leokas' horse Plus
    Szordrin Dundragon's magical weasel familiar Plus
    Kamïl (Kamil)
    Belvin's camel Plus
    the name Belvin has given Hakam's pack camel Plus
    Malick of Darromar's magical weasel familiar Plus
    Oma al Catahras's magical black cat familiar
    Shrodinjer Btn_edit
    Mythlos' magical toad familiar Plus
  • antagonistsSpacer
    Samber (the Maker)
    an enigmatic magician the gods wish the party to stop Plus
  • companionsSpacer
    a bard and companion of the adventurers Minus
    Jayce is a Lantanna bard and companion to the adventurers. He was rescued by Leokas and Belvin after having been sold into slavery by Malick of Darromar and joined them on their adventure.

    Jayce has the red hair typical of those from Lantan and one green and one blue eye, which he often has concealed behind a pair of sun lenses. He frequently smokes a pipe and carries his yarting slung over his back at all times.

    Jayce has a particular interest in deciphering his own origins, and he hopes to find some link to extraplanar or draconic origins in his bloodline, as an explanation for his innate magical skills. Erevan Illesere has been his patron god since a traveling elven cleric in Lantan healed him as a child and left him with a mysterious tattoo on his formerly crushed leg.

    The tattoo proved to be half of the solution to a maze found within an ancient temple to Ubtao, but this began to fade away after he left the jungles of Chult.

    Yashiera's first prophecy for him also involved a solution to a puzzle that prevented the party from advancing.

    When Jayce first met the brass dragon Sseth, he was told that his smell reminded Sseth of someone or something, but the dragon could not recall.

    Much later, while on board The Daisy, Sseth's friend, Hesjingvaerix, also recognized the smell, claiming it to be similar to Bruntutalephion, "an old friend of [theirs]."

    Jayce hired the services of a young summoner named Oma el Catahras. She wanted to begin a relationship with him, but Jayce always spurned her advances.

    Jayce took great interest in the culture of the forokell and recorded their tales and stories rather than continuing with the party to find Samber. When the party did not return, he contacted Samber, who demanded that he leave the island. Jayce, always the shrewd diplomat, convinced Samber to repair The Daisy. However, when Jayce tried to leave the island on The Daisy, but the mummy priestess El Sadhara appeared and demanded to be taken back to Samber. After a spellbattle, El Sadhara teleported away with Samber, but he had protected Jayce and his companions with magic.

    Jayce remained in magical contact periodically with the rest of the party and informed them that he was traveling home to Lantan to investigate Samber from that angle. While there, he at last discovered Samber's background.

    Hakam later rejoined with Jayce at Lantan in preparation for the next stage of their adventure. When Solisar returned to pick them up, Jayce agreed to be the primary helmsman of their spelljammer.
    Nargroth Kilmander (Nargroth) (Kilmander)
    a half-orc and companion of the adventurers Plus
    Oma el Catahras (Oma) (Oma yr Raisa el Catahras)
    a teen-aged Calishite woman who was hired by Jayce Plus
    a tiefling ascetic and follower of Pistis Sophia
  • HarpersSpacer
    Filfaeril Obarskyr (Filfaeril) (Dragon Queen)
    the dowager queen of Cormyr Plus
    Onran's wife
  • officialsSpacer
    Davin Blacksilver
    Yunoko's father, the first ambassador to Wa
    Fukazawa Michichika
    the kahan of the roju of the Empire of Wa
    Matasuuri Nagahide (Nagahide)
    the shogun of Wa Plus
  • oraclesSpacer
    a druidic oracle formerly living in the jungles of Chult Plus
  • sailors: FrihetSpacer
    Ombert Stronghull (Ombert) (Captain Stronghull)
    the halfling captain of The Daisy and the Frihet Plus
  • wizardsSpacer
    Szordrin's old master