Dinsdale Grimbane

"I have to know whats behind that door"
User: Kevin
Campaign: Unification
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue/7
he is of a stocky build and at 6'0 he is shorter than most half-Orcs, he has the physical attributes of his father and appears more orc than human.
Dinsdale was born in the port city of airspur and was the youngest of 15 children his parents Greta, and Hanzell we're also half-orcs. one day after his father hanzell got home from working at the docks he gathered his family together and sadly explained to them that they could no longer afford to feed them and that after being assured by the wizard Kevorkian that they would be well cared for, he had no other choice but to sell them all to the wizard for magical experiments and they will be taken tonight to the city of soorepar to live.
That night Dinsdale and his 14 siblings were herded into the back of a large cage in the back of a wagon and began their long journey to Soorepar 14 days later they arrived at kevorkian's tower where they where manacled and locked up in the lower level.
over the course of that year he and his brothers and sisters managed to stay alive by eating many of the rats, slugs, roaches and other vermin that they was able to catch.
Once a month the guards would come down and take one of the children up to the tower were they was never to be seen again Dinsdale had been incarcerated for just over a year when they came to get him, over that time he had managed to fashion a set of lockpicks using the bones of the rats he had killed as the guards marched him up the stairs he quickly removed the manacles and then made a dash for one of the doors, the surprised guards were unable to react fast enough and Dinsdale was able to open the door and escape into the streets of soorpar.
Alone and unsure where to go he quickly found himself in the questionable areas of soorpar it is here where he met his mentor Blind Pew (to be continued)
Though he physically resembles his father he has both the intelligence as well as the agility of his mother who unknown to him was a low level sorcerer