Briyo Hungelar

"I havent lived this long by being stupid"
User: OracleNemo
Race: Human (1/2 Varisian)
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class: Professional Gambler
A man of mystery, Briyo avoids combat as much as possible preferring wit and diplomacy to the blade. If it is unavoidable he does his best to bolster his allies, and keeps an eye out for a quick exit. An inveterate gambler, and by all appearances a layabout he keeps his cards close to his vest figuratively as well as literally.

Briyo's dress consists of gentlemanly garb of the type most would expect of youngest sons of landless nobles or down on thier luck men of leisure: An embroidered shirt, leather vest with lots of pockets, high boots, riding gloves, and an old blue military coat with tell-tale signs of the patches being removed
I am known as Briyo Hungilar, “Witty Juggler”. Half Varisian, I am Espada—part of the Varisian diaspora found throughout Golarian. I was born Alfonse Iobar in the City of Magnnimar, and I can trace my family’s travels back nearly 300 years to Iobaria and the founding of Brevoy. Spending much of my youth finding trouble, it was my Nana who began calling me Briyo, for I was her “Clever Boy”. By the time I had reached an age to begin my own wanderings, I had earned the title of Hungilar, “Juggler”, for my skill with cards, dice and other games of chance. This title is an honor, and a warning among my fellow Varisians. I bear these names by choice to honor my family and my people as I seek to live a well storied life.

My desire to live a well storied life began with the tales of my Noona, who lived to 108, and led to a promise—to visit the shores of Iobaria, the land of my Noona’s birth. Though she had been long dead before even my grandmother’s birth, her exploits were family legend: Espada living in Iobaria, pirate’s mistress, midwife to Myrna Surtova, adventuress and matriarch; no life could have been fuller than Cayden’s Cup . My life up to now has been but a shadow of hers over the course of my quest. Gambling my way across Avistan, I have fought ogres in the Mindspin Mountain’s, and rescued my only surviving companion from certain death. To avoid Razmiran cultist, I volunteered in the Andoran Army to fight slavers. Lost in the Kodar Mountains, I played bounder (a dice game) with a Stone Giant just to get directions. Fleeing an obsessive lover in Ustalav, I recovered a drunken, disinherited Chelish noble’s ancestral rapier in only to discover him to be a spectre and have him seemingly possess it. Hunted by the wights I stole it from, I walked from Ustalav to Brevoy thru Numeria along the Pilgrim's route to Mendev just to see if I could do it alone. Over the course of these travels, I even have had time to find faith along the way and carry it in the palm of my hand. Now, I am in Brevoy and have seen the Lake of Mists and Veils—so close but not quite Iobaria. The object of my promise is close at hand, but am I worthy? Only time will tell, and it seems Brevoy may have other plans…