Mukla Nunataq

User: Mark
Campaign: Punjar
Race: Goliath
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Hybrid Warden/ Barbarian/5
Mukla is a dusky-complected, tall and well-muscled goliath female. Her hair is reddish-brown and her body is covered with numerous tribal tattoo's. Her black eyes burn with a fierce pride.

In combat Mukla favors a large maul and she is prone to joyous laughter - regardless of the odds. Her respect is given only to her fellow tribemates or to those who earn it through martial prowess.
Mukla Nunataq is a young goliath warrioress of the Shesh (Mountain Bear) tribe. With their tribal lands located in the remote regions of the Pearl Spire mountains, the Shesh are rarely seen in the more civilized lands.

Although Mulka was born to one of the poorer families within the tribe, she is believed to be blessed and is held in high honor having been born on the holy day of Naasamiituuq (the once a generation flowering of the sacred mountain blossom).

As a youth Mulka demonstrated martial prowess unusual even for the hearty goliath. She consistently beat both males and females within her age group at sparring, hunting and other contests. With the respect garnered by both her favorable birth and athletic abilities, Mukla's parents were able to arrange a marriage to the Chieftan's 2nd oldest son Chumash, with the marriage to be consummated upon Mukla's return from the tribes ritual coming of age pilgrimage.

Although Mukla had no interst in marrying Chumash, honor is paramount within the Shesh and disobedience practically unheard of. As a result, it was with a heavy heart that Mulka departed on her year-long journey of self-discovery. With the distraction of an unwanted marriage and the general overconfidence of youth is it any wonder that Mulka was captured by slavers from Djeser al-Maqqara?

Now Mukla is trapped in a cage, far away from the freedom she once knew. While currently helpless, she bides her time dreaming of vengence upon the slavers and their ilk.