"Sure. Maybe."
User: Rebecca
Campaign: Punjar
Race: Half Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Cleric/1
Meera is a ½ Elf bastard from the Dev’shir family of Punjar.

Meera’s personality is generally very diplomatic and cheerful, but is no door mat. She deflects in conversations like a master, rather than burn bridges with heated confrontations. Sometimes that eats at her, especially when she just wants to shake them. However in Punjar, in the circles she walks, the fewer the enemies the better. That means keeping under the radar as a generally likeable, and inconsequential cleric. She maintains the appearance of having just enough clout not to be worth messing with, and just little enough clout not to be worth making deals with. It’s a surprisingly fine line to walk.

In reality, she doesn’t know how much her family or her order would risk to defend her, and prefers not to test it. She may look like she has two powerful allies, but are they true?

Since the houses of Punjar gain their power not from land, but from political ties, they found a way to put "the little bastard" to good use while keeping her out of sight: Sending her to the Temple of Valdreth strengthens ties with the order, and also houses her primarily outside the family’s residence.

Her Mother, Eanna, had Meera when she was young. Meera’s Father is claimed to be a visiting dignitary that was briefly in the city, but met a tragic end on his journey home. While the story has some holes, no one has proof to the contrary, so it stands. Only Eanna knows if it’s true or not, and she has never wavered from the tale.

The Elves, having no proof of parentage, officially deny all ties to Meera, but hold her no ill will. She would be welcome in their lands, but has no claim on position or rank within the dignitary’s household.

Meera feels most at home at the Temple. She’s treated well there, and turned out to be a decent cleric. However, she has never really felt she found her place in life, and would like to get out of the city. She would like to travel, and would like to see the Elven lands some day. She’s hoping to earn an evangelical position, but the family wants her to stay put, where she can retain her duties as a political dowry.