Dain Fireforge

"Come kiss my axe!"
User: David
Campaign: The Broken Cage
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Barbarian/1
I suppose you could say that I was tall, for a Dwarf at least, with a barrel chest and a belly that threatens to become rotund. I have a wild mane of dark red hair, and a beard to match. I have little joy left in life and fewer friends.
Everyone knows that for a Dwarf the clan comes first - it's the most important aspect of our society. Without the clan, what does a Dwarf become? The answer is simple - me! 15 years ago my clan was destroyed. I was away at the time, off on an adventure, by the time I returned it was too late - everyone I knew, everyone I loved was dead, butchered by a horde of Orcish scum! A madness seized me then and I set off, alone, in pursuit. For over two years I harried the band that had devastated my clan, risking my life time and time again, until I was able to slay their leader, Cagan Foul-breath. Now I am adrift in the world, searching for a new purpose, a way to rebuild that which was lost to me...