Titus Crow

User: James
Campaign: Strange Aeons
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Barbarian/1
Tall and imposing, his bright blue eyes stand in stark contrast to his grim look and perpetually lowered brow. A head taller than most with a frame the size of a half-orc, you suspect he must be involved in some sort of illegal activity.
Born to a Chelaxian whore in Caliphas, he was loved and doted on by all the women of the establishment. He grew up as a helper in the tavern.

The harassment by other boys began as a young teen, and by age 14 the frequent fist fights (one involving a patron) led to him being expelled by the master of the house.

He soon found work on an Ulfen sailing vessel after a charitable captain suspected his Ulfen heritage. He grew tall and strong after a few years of hard work, and he earned the trust and respect of the crew.

Upon returning to Caliphas the first mate offered to buy him his first night as a man, bragging about the quality of an establishment that was recognized as soon as they arrived. A few unwise comments by the first mate about a particular whore led to a brutal beating that nearly killed the first mate.

Imprisonment was supposed to be brief, but his temper and refusal to be compliant led to constant conflict with the guards and other prisoners. Rather than be broken, he learned to focus and control his anger. Guards and other prisoners eventually learned that it was best not to provoke him.

Four winters passed before an Ustalav noble from a remote county saw him and agreed to pay his bail to have him released, in exchange for service as a guard. The long trip home was uneventful, but the noble's young wife found his appearance "disturbing", and ordered him discharged immediately. He was expelled from the estate with his clothes and an empty belly.

Since then he has sought only to survive.