Brawn Burwod

"Everything grows at its own pace."
User: Sean
Race: Oakling
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Fighter/20
Oaklings are unusual plant creatures distantly related to treants, though much further removed from the forces of nature. While a fairly new race, their origins are a mystery even to themselves. The first oaklings crept from the darkest forests en mass a little over a dozen decades ago, with little memory of or interest in where they came from.

Survival is of primary concern to an oakling, and they are seldom known to be self-sacrificing or precocious. Unlike most plant and tree-like creatures, oaklings are not bound to the forest in any way. Instead of getting a feeling of comfort being close to nature, they feel crowded and uneasy. Though many find this race to be sinister and alien, oaklings are not necessarily evil and find no benefit in angering other sentient beings. They simply find it difficult to relate to the concepts of sympathy and sentiment; seeing no advantage in preserving useless historical relics, common nonsentient plants and animals, or keeping anything that cannot be put to good use.
Brawn is the current guild master at the Brass Dragon, and has been for 12 years.