Zyxin Rao

"Life is a story our minds tell us..."
User: Icarus
Campaign: Iron Gods
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Bard (Archeologist)/2
Mother Lorelin Rao is an Archeologist and adventurer who came down the River to Torch to make her fortune. She had some good luck and a few years of work behind her but then had a run in with the Technic League who took all her tech gear from her, threatening imprisonment (or worse) if she did not comply. In Torch she met the Elvish Bard Vanafindon and fell in love. She intended on using Torch as her home base and heading out immediately, but dallied with Vanafindon for a time and ended up pregnant. Vanafindon had a very bad drug habit -- stuff he called Myhr but she called "the shit" -- and between the child and her waste of a partner Lorelin was trapped in Torch.

Vanafindon was actually quite a good bard when he wasn't wasted, and tried to teach Xyxin, but Xyxin never quite had the musical talent. He did learn a lot about the magic and had a talent for that, and seemed to take up new skills very quickly. Zyxin loves stories, both telling and listening, and that was his one true bond with his father.

Zyxin also learned a lot from his mother (who he adores and respects greatly) about the practical side of life.

Both of his parents railed against the Technic League for various reasons -- Vanafindon was vague about why, but even more vehement in his hatred than Lorelin.

Then one day Vanafindon took some really bad drugs... and began to physically waste away. Lorelin did everything she could, and ended up selling all Vanafindon's instruments and spending every penny they had trying to help him. After he died, Lorelin withdrew. She said they needed money, so she dusted off her adventure gear and headed out to resume her archeological work after a 18-year hiatus. Lorelin never returned. Zyxin was 17.

One year later, when it became obvious Lorelin was not returning, Zyxin took up what was left of the family gear -- two weapons belonging to his father, an old suit of studded leather armor, and some odds and ends, and left his home to find his fortune. He managed to survive for two years on his own, but nearly died several times, and realized he needed to join with a group. His overriding drive is to find his mother, but underlying everything is the passion for adventure and knowledge he inherited from her.