"Death is part of life."
User: Jon
Campaign: Punjar
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Paladin/4
Marius is a tall, strong, hulk of a man, standing over six feet tall and weighing over 200 lbs. Clad in his black armor with his huge bastard sword, he strikes an imposing figure. He keeps his brown hair short, so as not to interfere with his vision. His face would be handsome if it wasn't scarred—more than one skeletal claw has gotten too close for comfort.

Despite this grim image, Marius is a very kind man. He believes that people should live their lives to their natural extent, and that disease and poverty strike against Soleth's divine will. He has a soft-spot for children, especially the poor, due to his own early childhood.

Marius was taught to hate those that disrupt the natural cycle of life and death, and as such he will hunt necromancers and the undead to the exclusion of other enemies. His knightly order, the Knights of the Silent Death, focuses on the undead-destroying aspect of Soleth and as such Marius is well-trained in this task.
Marius was orphaned at an early age. He doesn't know where he comes from or who his family was. Through luck or the will of the Gods, he was found by an itinerant priest of Soleth and brought to a monastery to be raised in the faith.

Always big and strong for his age, Marius was given over for training as a paladin of Soleth, where he developed his size and strength into martial lethality. While paladin training gave Marius focus, he still wanted to learn about his parents, something which the clerics and paladins he lived with would not discuss with him, not even Marketh, Marius's chief mentor.

Now, Marius has come to Punjar as a warrior of Soleth, hoping to ensure not only that loathsome undead abominations do not harm Punjar's citizens, but also that its poorer residents do not meet the Merciful One before their appointed time. He also hopes to find information about his family, though he has almost no clues with which to investigate. Indeed, Marius is unsure whether he was named by his parents or by the clergy of Soleth.
Marius, level 3
Human, Paladin

Str 18, Con 12, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 12.

Str 16, Con 12, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 12.

AC: 22 Fort: 17 Reflex: 16 Will: 15
HP: 44 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 11

Intimidate +7, Religion +6, Insight +8, Endurance +3, Heal +8

Acrobatics -2, Arcana +1, Bluff +2, Diplomacy +2, Dungeoneering +3, History +1, Nature +3, Perception +3, Stealth -2, Streetwise +2, Thievery -2, Athletics +1

Human: Weapon Proficiency (Bastard sword)
Level 1: Kelemvor's Judgment (retrained to Toughness at Level 2)
Level 2: Action Surge

Paladin at-will 1: Valiant Strike
Paladin at-will 1: Holy Strike
Human: Bolstering Strike
Paladin encounter 1: Radiant Smite (retrained to Piercing Smite at Level 3)
Paladin daily 1: Paladin's Judgment
Paladin utility 2: Martyr's Blessing
Paladin encounter 3: Arcing Smite

Adventurer's Kit, Heavy Shield, Magic Bastard sword +1, Lightning Javelin +1, Magic Plate Armor +1