"Hiddens from all, nothings hides from me."
User: Kyle
Race: Simic Hybrid
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue/5
Pebbly scales cover every inch of his body and beady shifting eyes move independent of each other. With slit nostrils and short sharp teeth, it is clear that he is either of Viashino origin or has some sort of amphibian or reptilian DNA spliced into his genes.
Once considered a failed hybrid experiment, he is now utilized by the Simic Combine as a primary researcher and information gatherer on health codes and ethics of the other guilds.
Personality Traits: I can't resist prying into anything forbidden, since it must be terribly interesting. I am curious, but also superstitious.

Ideals: It's foolish to let emotions and principles interfere with the conclusions of logic. I value material things due to my poor background.

Bonds: I discovered a secret I can't let anyone else uncover - including my guild superiors.

Flaws: I have a tendency to take shortcuts in my research and any other tasks I have to complete.