"Are you not entertained?"
User: Myles
Race: Minotaur
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Fighter(Champion)/5th
Veotrius stands 6'8" but his carved horns and matted fur make it hard to tell exactly how large he is. The muscles on his arms divulge great strength developed through years of preparations for battle. His fur is dark brown thick and matted in many places. Pieces of bone are woven into the mats, and his horns are carved intricately showing important scenes of his life, upbringing, and immediate family. His tail was docked at a young age to begin his training in Boros armor. When not otherwise wearing armor, he wears only a pteruges of Rakdos red and black.
Veotrius was born of the Ordruun line of Boros Minotaurs. He showed great promise through his upbringing in the Horizon Military Academy. During a particularly nasty Gruul uprising his unit was decimated and he was taken captive by a Minotaur leader of the Scab Clan. He was forced to fight for the Gruul or be put to death. As his acclaim as a slave warrior grew, he came to be respected by members of the clan and was initiated. He adopted many customs of the tribe including the bones woven into his hair, and the modifications to his horns. During one harrowing raid, he saved the life of his master and was granted his freedom. With this freedom his passion for chaos and talents in warfare, led him into the Cult of Rakdos. He joined a loosely organized troop as a gladiator and challenged all comers to duel him in the rings of fire. Though he is new to the cult, his first few bouts have proven quite successful.
Personality Traits: There isn't a lot out there that I am unprepared to deal with. I don't anger quickly, but when I do you had better be ready for a fight.

Ideals: We all live, we all die, might as well make both a fun experience.

Bonds: The only of my three brothers who admits I am still alive, Entinius, a Boros commander. My former Gruul master, Rakvrak of the Scab Clan.

Flaws: I can be arrogant at times. Perhaps that is what led to my capture at the hands of the Gruul.