Jogul Cinderbrook

"Deeds, not words"
User: James
Campaign: Strange Aeons
Race: Halfling (Twilight)
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter/6
You find yourself looking twice upon seeing Jogul enter the room. Average height and build for a halfling, the plate armor looks ridiculous until you notice how easily he seems to wear it. Clean-shaven and meticulously kept, dark hair greased closely to his scalp, he casually rests a hand on either of two battle picks at his sides. His dark eyes move slowly about the room as if appraising threats, and his expression is cool and non-commital.

Jogul Cinderbrook of Lastwall” he says, as if it should be obvious. “Greetings and well met.”
Jogul’s parents were housekeepers of a high-ranking Knight of Lastwall, and Jogul grew up idolizing the organization. Despite the lack of encouragement from either his parents or their employer, he improbably overcame his small stature and passed the tests to become a true knight.

His pride in his achievement was short-lived, however, while he was excluded from mounted patrols and assigned largely to desk duty. Seeking to prove his skills as a combatant he explored alternative weapon styles, eventually settling on a two-weapon style with battle picks in either hand. Yet still, even as he began to find success during mock combat drills, he never found more acknowledgement than as a curiosity.

Recently he sought and obtained an open-ended leave of absence to research additional fighting techniques in places such as the University of Lepidstahd. Until he returns, the kitchen staff will need to order their own supplies.