"Honor is not your name, but the collection of your deeds. "
User: Hawker73
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Ranger- Justifier 2E/1
While he has the attire of woodsman, he has the sharp neatness of a military man as was his father's way. Every part of his dress and grooming is functionality first, discipline second. He keeps his hair short, and his moustache a tidy toothbrush military style. His demeanor strikes other's as being particularly "rigid". His weapons carry no sign of heraldry, or decoration, his Battle Axe eschew's the popular double bladed design for the cold efficiency of the Danish Axe. His bow likewise simple without any carving but expertly crafted to purpose.
Ælfwine's father came from the Canton of Quagfludt in Perrenland. He was a Captain of the Vosser Clan's Körtbénen militia. His title "Hauptman Jorvik" was what friends and stranger alike called him even after honorable discharge from his duties. The Hauptman's family was of some importance in the Körtbénen sub clan of the Vosser, serving as advisors and officers, and could trace it's history to the very first Flanase to enter the Perrenland, and among those first to rebel and organize for freedom from the Great Kingdom.

During a mission in which he was sent to follow an Orc raiding party into the Heartland Vesve Forest, he visited the Elven stronghold at Flameflower where he would meet Ælfwine's mother Eveylin. Though not an elf herself, her family had been among the human woodsmen employed by the elves and allowed to live among them. Her parents were killed by a hobgoblin of Iuz raiding party when she was young, and she was raised in the Elven ways and became an accomplished Druid herself of some renown. Hauptman was captivated both by her and the Elven simplicity of life, and upon completing his quest asked to be discharged as his reward, which the Voorstammann sadly but reluctantly agreed to do. He moved back to the Heartlands in the Western Vesve Forests among the Clat Spur foothills and gnomish gem mines and made a life with Evelyn as a simple farmer, woodcutter, and Ranger/Scout for hire.

His scouting service for the Knights of the Hart of the High Forests, gained him the respect of the Elves for his military and tactical expertise. He was also known for his faithful Vosserkatz companion "Hildegard" which was a marvel to the Elves, as the creature is aloof and never truly tamed. He wore the green crest for the Knights of the High Forest but was never made a full Knight himself as he was not Elvish, nor did he desire to join any of the other hart orders.

Ælfwine's mother passed when he was very young, and his father would not speak of it, but it changed him, he became more a recluse, and focused all his attentions on raising their son. He taught him military tactics, and the ways of the forest and the mountains as he knew them. He did occasionally take him on simple missions for the Knights of the hart, and thus they allowed young Ælfwine to train with them, and he frequently would travel with him from the Vesve to Fairdells of the Velverdyva valley. Ultimately though his father shielded him from real dangers, and would not allow him further advancement in the order. He was well liked as the "little captain" by the Knights of the Forest.

At about 20 Ælfwine woke to his father rushing to leave saying he had to return to Fort Vosserkats on "family buisiness", he left Ælfwine in charge of their Farm, and said he would be back within the year. He never did. Ælfwine went to Fort Vosserkatz and the capitol of Kortheim. He met family he had never known who were all sympathetic but could not tell him where his father was other then he had left through the towns of the HighFolk Following the Velverdyva banks and gone east, or south; somewhere. He had made a death bed promise to his brother to search for a niece that had been abducted. Any further questioning met with severe silence as if some unspoken scandel lurked about the nieces dissappearance. Ælfwine made his way south looking for clues to his father's whereabouts or what became of this neice, his first cousin only known to him as "Slania".

Ælfwine wishes to find his father, or perhaps finish the quest to find this niece and find answers. He also greatly desires to earn a reputation, and join the Knights of the Hart of the High Forest himself. He knows being human it is unlikely, but his greatest desire would be to named a Knight of the High Forest.

Relationships: Father-Hauptman (Sigmund) Jorvik, Mother-Evelyn Ithil-Miqula (moonkissed) Jorvik (deceased?), Cousin-Slania (never met), Vosserkat-Hildegard (father's loyal animal companion, and Ælfwine childhood friend)

Fault - Intense pride, of which he is aware and often over compensates to try and be more humble. Very uncomfortable among large groups of people and cities, prefers wilderness or agricultural lifestyles. He tends to be short and to the point, unaccustomed to social niceties.

Personal Traits: Fondness for Forests, Mountains and secluded nature. Hyper rational and views the world as one giant tactical threat assessment. Has a special love for the company of Elves and Gnomes both of which he knew in the Western Heartland Forest and Clat Spur Mountain Steps. Is obsessed with Vosserkats because of fond memories of the family Vosserkat companion.

Philosophy- People worry to much about shallow things. People should focus on the very real evils in this world which always lurk ready to attack the peace. Protecting family and country, and the helpless is paramount to being a good man. Nature is to be worked with and not against, but nature is harsh and must be respected. Honor is not your name, but the collection of your deeds.

Personal Item: He keeps the Knights of the Hart High Forest cloak clasp of his father as his one prized possession, he wears it but keeps it out of sight as he has yet to earn it or a commission from the order.