"I got my soul back! Woo hoo!"
User: Steve
Race: Litorian
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Litorian/Mind Witch/3/9
Charlon has the typical litorian features, with less black near the ends of his mane and a slighter frame than many males of the species.
Charlon was raised among a traditional Litorian tribe on the western plains of Rhoth with the folkways, beliefs, and customs of his people. He sees signs and symbols in many ordinary things, but often cannot determine their significance until after the event. He has also had vivid dreams since early adolescence that at times seem to suggest future events. He believes these are manifestations of his witch power that will develop in time.

For some time he was an apprentice to the tribal shaman, Malran, assuming that the mantle might one day become his, but the shaman is still quite young and that day is unlikely to come for some time. Charlon's witchery manifestation surfaced during a heated disagreement with Malran, of which he says little. Charlon started dreaming of the spire in Ptolus shortly after the death of Rantra, a female who had been his friend since childhood and was likely to become his mate. She died of brain fever and you get the sense that they was more to the situation and that it troubles Charlon, but he doesn't speak of it.

If his tribe were to call because they are in need of a shaman, he would return without hesitation. He still feels a deep loyalty to them. He believes the spirits that protect the tribe would find him and he would be drawn back if there was a need. Charlon took several months to come to Ptolus from the western Plains of Rhoth. He spent a few weeks with the Clan of Malethar, southeast of Ptolus, before entering the city. He learned a bit about what he could expect from that tribe. He has been in Ptolus about a month.

His tribe is called the Clan of Two Rivers because they spend the lean winter months encamped at the fork of 2 rivers east of the Cherubar mountains and north of Slune on the Sunwash. The leader of the tribe is Chron, a very old, stern, Litorian who likes his people to keep to themselves and the ancient ways. Succession in the tribe is likely to be interesting as Chron favors his elder son, Mantar, who agrees with his father about clinging to tradition, and the younger son, Sorrem, who favors more interaction with humans and embracing new methods of doing things. Sorrem speaks convincingly and has some support on the tribal counsel.

His father's name is Raslen and he is a hunter and spear maker. His mother's name was Nalin and she died of natural causes 3 years ago. He has a sister, Yenra, who with her husband Charthar, are tribal warriors. They have a family of there own. Yenra, Charthar, Rantra and he were inseparable as children and got into all kinds of scrapes together. Charlon also grew up with Mantar and Sorrem, seeing Sorrem's thoughts about turning away from tradition as blasphemy, but now finds himself in the interesting position of living in a city among other races.
Charlon has reluctantly taken on a leadership role in the group. He'd prefer someone else did it, but Malibar seems like the only other good candidate and he doesn't seem to want to do it either.