Eyes of Ash

User: Jonathan
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Sorcerer/Novice
Ash is a tall and thin young man with pale skin like most Cairnlanders. His eyes are a pale gray with flecks of darker gray, giving them a dirty, ashen appearance which is where his name comes from.
Eyes and his friends were exploring a new cairn on the Valkheim border. It was a fairly large cairn and Four Shadows thought it would make an excellent new home for their families.

At first, it seemed that the cairn was devoid of Ancestors, though. "This place must be cursed if even the Ancestors would abandon it" Dog's Leg said just as the party stumbled into the central crypt. There, the tomb opened up into an enormous cavern. A great mausoleum filled with Ancestors as far as the torch light would let them see. And as the men stood there taking it all in, the bodies of their ancestors started moving and the wind from the tunnels rose suddenly. Suddenly, their torches went out and before he could react, Eyes of Ash felt dozens of dry boney hands grab him and drag him deeper into the darkness.
He cried out, and his friends answered but their voices are already distant and fading quickly.
Eyes of Ash lost track of time and all sense of direction. After a while, he was deposited in a small, dark chamber, judging from the echos. Then a low, whispery voice spoke to him. "Why have you come here, child?".
"We seek your protection, honored Ancestor." Eyes answered. "We wish to bring our families here. To make this our home."
"Your families are welcome here. But there is something we must ask you to do."
"Anything, wise Ancestor. I am yours to command!"
"The world is changing. Many prophecies are starting to be realized. Several such speak of a great warrior who will forever change history. Whether for good or ill is yet unclear. You must travel above and seek out this warrior. Take this, with it we will protect and guide you." Eyes of Ash felt a bone placed in his had. A femur, judging from it's size and weight.
With no more explanation, Eyes was taken back to the upper levels of the cairn the same way he was brought down. The ancestors were gone and he had to walk blindly down a long hall before he saw the light of an exit. Outside the cairn, his friends were waiting to hear his story, though few believed him. And none would join him on his quest.
Agility:d6    Smarts:d8     Spirit:d8   Strength:d4    Vigor:d6
Knowledge (Language-Speak)- Imperial Syranthian - d6
Knowledge (Language-Speak)- Cairnlander - d8
Knowledge (Language-Read and Write) - Cairnlander - d4

Derived Stats:
Power Points:10

Poverty(Minor): Half starting money and savings
Vow(Major): Follow's Ancestor's wishes
Outsider(Minor): -2 Cha

AB(Sorcery):Starting Powers:2/Power Points:10/Sorcery(Smarts)/Failure: Fatigue; Backlash: Roll on Backlash table
Ghoulsblood:+2 vs. Undead magic; Undean don't usually attack
Arcane Resistance: Armor 2 vs. Magic; +2 to resist opposed powers.

Impressive Aura: May intimidate with Sorcery (1PP on a roll of 1 on trait die)
Attribute - Vigor d6
New Power: Armor

New Power: Blast

Confusion(Fearful)1-5Smarts x2On success, targets make Smarts-2 or be shaken, Smarts-4 on raise (non-damaging). Up to five targets with one action (1PP each).
Smite (Dark Taint)2touch+2 Damage (+4 on a raise)
Armor(Dark Taint)23(1/rnd) Self2 points of armor(4 on a raise)
Blast(Object Required)2/4/624/48/962d6 Damage in MBT; LBT or 3d6 for 4pp; LBT and 3d6 for 6pp
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