Donegal Fry

"Everything changes, might as well live with it."
User: Steve
Campaign: No place like Home
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Rogue/5
At 5' 10" with an athletic 180 lb build and Saturday matinée idol looks (never a hair out of place and a perfect smile), Donegal would seem to be quite the ladies man until he opens his mouth. His vanity and swagger can make him hard to get along with.

At 46 years old, his chance to be a star may have passed him by, but he still tries. It is much harder to stay in shape than it used to be.
A professional actor by trade, Donegal Fry blames some of his lack of success on his agent for giving him a pseudonym from the menu of an Irish restaurant. Skilled but undiscovered, Donegal toils in off off Broadway productions, traveling play companies, and in small parts in TV and film. He can sing, dance, and act, but is not particularly charming and this and his ego are limits to his success.

At 46, he finds his chances of commercial success limited, but still plies his trade with skill and dedication. In admiration of great method actors like Deniro and Brando, Fry goes to great lengths to learn enough to become the characters he plays. He researches his roles in great detail, often even before he earns them, by reading and often by walking a mile when he can find someone to work with. This has led him to do things as varied as laying bricks, serving drinks, attending a police academy, and stealing cars.

He is fortunate to be the only child of wealthy parents who still indulge and support his dream. Without their financial support, he would not be able to maintain his apartment in Manhattan or his often extravagant lifestyle. Though he has no interest in the pharmaceutical company that his parents built, it will undoubtedly provide him with the means to continue to pursue his dream indefinitely.