" Guns are for pussies !!!!!!!!"
User: easyed
Campaign: More Than Human
Race: Human Hybrid
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Real Name Classified

Ht. 5'8

Wt. 178

Eye color unknown

Hair color unknown

Team affiliation D&D

Super Powers


It all starts with a flash of fire in the ski a space craft of unknown origin burst thought the atmosphere hurling towards the earth.

The government quickly picked it up on there satellites and when it crashed in a remote part of Greenland the seismographs from California felt it.

The research team from our government found the crash site and it was massive the crater 1 mile deep and 4 miles wide.

It was such a wonder their were so many new discovery's but sadly the crew burned beyond recognition due to re-entree obtaining samples were impossible.

Then they struck some luck moving towards the command center to there overwhelming surprise there was one lifeless massive alien creature intact with a giant wound in its chest standing it was 20ft tall 30ft wide of pure muscle.

We are still at a shock after most of the test run on the creatures physiology it should have survived hell samples were only obtained though the wound the mouth and eyes.

Measuring the strength it can lift about 50,000 tons although max lifting strength due to the creature can change its density this is the reason we believe when the ship entered our atmosphere it lowered its density satellite images show it slowing down from its original entree speed.

If it was at it max density Greenland would be underwater crater.Also the black box was found and unable to translate the message from it.

The next step of course was the to create Juggernaut it was Project Tetramorph.

Project Tetramorph
The subjects for the project genetically fit males and healthy young females able to give birth multiple time.

The results where dead subject after dead horrible mutation the problems stemmed from trying to get at least 70 to 80 percent of the creatures strength the infant bodies couldn't take it.

Our idea was to make the child genetically born but there was more to it than.Finally Dr.Mafunia world renowned genetics expert cracked it two subjects were finally created retaining 5 percent of the creature strength and abilities.

Sadly they were the only two super solider's created no one now who violently killed Mafuni and destroyed his documents no leading to this has been found.

Because of the incident the project was shut down the alien creature put on ice for study alone with ship to reverse engineer the tech for military use.

The two subjects were put on assignments such black ops,military incursions,covert missions,assassinating and assassination attempt's dealing with the up rise of meta-human activity's on us or foreign soil that threatens lives of the innocent.

Mission Reports
The subjects code name DESTROY & DEVASTATOR mission success high the team work very well together accomplishing high risk low survivability assignments.

The two bound like bothers on and off work truly they are one of a kind Dr.Mafuni did state currently they are the ideal super solider a one man army but there is the rare chance they my evolve to that strength they can boost there strength.

The subjects were treated fare and had many encounters with normal children growing up they best education and training money can buy.

The two understood the gifts they were given and new the sacrifices that were made to achieve those goals.

Mission Lost Bother