Shulgi Amar-Utu

"Only the best is good enough"
User: James
Race: Ifrit
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Sorcerer/1
You spot him easily in the distance; already the tallest human in the crowd, his tall turban makes him appear even taller. His turban and robe are of a rich maroon color, with a well-made sandals and a fine belt. You might mistake him for a noble, but for the lack of expensive adornment and the obvious wear to his clothing.

His light blue eyes are riveting, even more so when he looks directly at you. His fair complexion is unusual, but his mottled skin tone makes that somewhat less obvious. The discoloration also makes the small boney protrusions on his forehead just beneath his turban somewhat less obvious.

You notice others looking in his direction before continuing on with their business. While they do not seem to know him, you know that many will remember seeing him in the area that day.
Born in Kelmarane, Shulgi fled with his mother when he was very young. His mother never spoke of why, but he was told that his natural father had died just before or during their flight from that city. Other than that detail, she never spoke of his father to him.

Arriving in Katapesh, his mother became the mistress of a very wealthy merchant, who provided for all of her material needs. The merchant rarely spoke with Shulgi, and seemed to have a general disdain for the boy.

Shulgi grew up well provided for, and was rarely refused any desire by his mother. He enjoyed tutors to which he seldom paid attention, and sufficient funds to entertain himself across the city. His height and odd, flame-red hair sometimes drew unwanted attention from his peers, but his willingness to indulge his friends drew enough allies to keep him company.

While he seemed to have a natural talent with sorcery (especially fire), his tutors' attempts to refine his talent seemed thwarted by his lack of interest in any sort of magical theory.

All of this changed when his mother died of natural illness. Denied the funds that he had become accustomed to, many of his friends departed as well, and he found it difficult finding employment. Lately he has been attempting to work as a performer, and while he is skilled at manipulating fire, he is not a natural performer.

You find him on the streets of Katapesh, attempting to ply his craft.