Fr. Gabriel Hezekiah

"Night is darkest before the dawn"
User: James
Race: Aasimar
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Cleric/15
With exceedingly fair skin and platinum blond hair that he keeps cut short, Father Gabriel stands out from the crowd. His chiseled features, noble bearing, meticulous grooming and appearance attract attention from the opposite sex, but he seem indifferent to that sort of attention as his sharp eyes seem focused on those in need of aid.

He stands 6,0", and appears to be in excellent physical health. He wears chainmail, carries a shield and has a scimitar in a sheath. His heraldry announces him as a cleric of Sarenrae.
Gabriel Hezekiah was raised by the church, and never knew his parents. He was indoctrinated into the faith at an early age, and has never known his faith to questioned. He has become a rising star in the church hierarchy, with a gift for oratory and connecting with the congregation.

Gabriel sees the opportunity to redeem Kelmarane and establish the church of Sarenrae as an integral part of the founding community as a chance to prove his faith in his goddess.
  • Old Fort (Completed) Plus Spacer
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