*Redacted* Lynne Montgomery

"Don't you ever call me by my first name!"
User: Laura
Campaign: Legacies
Race: Human - Metahuman (Mutant)
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Name: Peaches Lynne Montgomery
Age: 14
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Build: Slender, Willowy

Character Sheet:

Strength 6, Stamina 2, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 1, Intelligence -1, Awareness -1, Presence -1

Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 6, Toughness 6, Willpower 6

Athletics 6, Close Combat 6 (Unarmed), Deception 1, Perception 1, Sleight of Hand 5, Stealth 7, Ranged Combat (Bio-Energy Blasts) 6
-Skills From Powers-
Technology* 4 (Only For the Purposes of Disabling Security Systems)

Attractive 1, Improved Initiative 1, Luck 1, Power Attack
-Advantages Gained From Powers-
Inspire 5, Leadership, Set-Up, Teamwork


B&E Enhanced Trait 2: Technology +4, Innate, (Limited: Only for the Purposes of Disabling Security Systems)

Basic Flight: Flight 1

Enhanced Physique:
-Enhanced Trait 16: (+6 Strength, +2 Stamina)
-Legwork: Speed 4
-[ALT] Jump: Leaping 4
-Steel-Like Skin: Protection 4

Sibling Mental Link:
-Sibling Communication Link: Senses 1, Communication Link, Mental
-Psychic Feedback: Immunity 10, Psychic Descriptor, Reflect, Limited: Half Effect, Quirk: Psychic Feedback Drops if Sibling Mental Link is broken/interrupted
-Enhanced Teamwork: Enhanced Trait 8, Advantages: Inspire 5, Leadership, Set-Up, Teamwork (Limited: All Advantages Function Only in Regards to Her Twin Brother)

Sibling Symmetry [Array]:
Bio-Energy Point Defense: Deflect 6 (Extended Range 2, Precise; Limited: Only while in contact with her brother)
[Alt]Bio-Energy Rejuvenation: Healing 6 (Resurrection, Limited: Only her brother)
[Alt]Bio-Energy Release: Blast 6 (Limited: Only while in contact with her brother)
[Alt]Bio-Energy Warp: Teleport 2 (Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity Limited: Only to Teleport Adjacent to Her Brother)
[Alt] Locate Sibling: Senses 6 (Detect: Her Brother (Mental), Extended 3, Radius, Ranged)
[Alt] Tandem Flight: Flight 6 (Stacks with Basic Flight, Limited: Only in Contact With Her Brother)


Motivation: Thrills, She loves the rush of a well planned heist or a brutal fight

Power Loss: Should she go 24 hours without physical contact with her brother

Combat Stats:

Initiative +4
Unarmed +6 / 6 Damage
Grapple +0
Bio-Energy Release +6 / 6 Damage

Point Breakdown:

Abilities: -4, Defenses: 22, Skills: 10, Advantages: 2, Powers: 44 = 74 Points

100 points @ Level 6, -16 pps to account for all starting attributes beginning at -1.