User: zane
Campaign: Rock of Bral
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Swordsage/11
Zuko is an 18 year old human male, approximately 5'9" tall and 175 lbs with an athletic but not muscular build. He has reddish brown eyes, tan skin, short dark brown hair, and sometimes sports a small goatee. He wears loose cotton paints, a chainshirt and a gi top. A broad leather belt studded with three moonstones supports scabbards on both hips. His Keoghtom's Anyblade hangs from one side and a dragonfang short sword from the other. He also wears a bandoleer around his chest, magical knee high leather boots, an open face helmet, an ample cloak with a hood, a backpack, and a signet ring. His clothing is dark red with dark gold trim. When he moves shadows often flutter and swarm around him, even under bright light.
Meta-game Note: Due to the risks involved with fire on The Rock Trey has generously allowed me to adapt the Desert Wind discipline into an "Arctic Wind" discipline. All fire based maneuvers and stances from the Desert Wind school are instead cold based. They function in all other ways exactly like their Desert Wind counterparts.


18 Year Old Human Male
Str: 12 Int: 14
Dex: 17 Wis: 14
Con: 14 Cha: 10
BAB: +6/1
AC: 19/15/16

Feats & Class Features: Light Blades, Bows, Monk Weapons; Flaw: Shaky; Able Learner; Finesse; TWF; (Init +3), WF(Shadow Hand Weapons), (+Wis to AC), Shadowblade, Insightful Strike(Shadow Hand), Leadership, Sense Magic, Defensive Stance(Shadow Hand)(+2 Saves), Imp. TWF, Evasion

Stances: Child of Shadow(20% Miss Chance if Move 10'), Assassin's Stance(+2d6 Sneak Attack), Island of Blades(Flank All Adjacent), Step of the Dancing Moth.

Maneuvers: Distracting Snowflake, Shadow Blade Technique, Sudden Leap, Wolf Fang Strike, Cloak of Deception, Flashing Sun, Cold Riposte, Fan the Frost, Mind Over Body, Freezing Charge, Ice Snake, Freezing Blade, Shadow Stride, Dancing Mongoose, Dragon's Breath, Ring of Ice

Equip: Keoghtom's Anyblade+Witchlight Reservoir Crystal; Dragonfang(+1 Sonic) Short Sword +1; Dragonfang(+1 Cold) Short Sword; Longbow & Arrows; Amulet of Health +2; Reciprocal Bracers; Chain shirt; Healing Belt; Boots of Agile Leaping; Thieving Helm(+1 Listen); Signet Ring; Travelers Outfit; Bandoleer containing: an Acid Flask, a Sparker and a Piece of Chalk; a Backpack containing: 2 Torches, and a Bedroll.

Zuko's average HP and AC allow him to hold the front line for a short time but he lacks true "tanking" capability. He has however evolved into a good "striker". His damage capabilities do go down as his maneuvers are exhausted and as a Swordsage they are not easily replenished during an encounter. Luckily they do replenish automatically at the end of each encounter meaning he can fight as well in the last encounter of the day as he can the first provided he receives adequate healing in between. He practices his "bending" (maneuvers) and swordplay almost exclusively and as a result his practice w/ ranged attacks has suffered. He depends on manuvers such as Ice Snake and Fan the Frost for ranged attacks and Searing Charge and Sudden Leap to close to melee quickly. Zuko wields twin short swords and, thanks to Weapon Finesse and Shadowblade he adds his Dex to attack and damage when in a Shadow Hand stance and using weapons associated w/ the Shadow Hand discipline.

Zuko has a stance that when active allows he and his allies to flank all adjacent foes without having to be directly across from them. He still benefits from true flanking however, allowing him to switch to another stance to deal sneak attack damage.