One of the independant city-states of Varisia, Kaer Maga predates even the rise of the Empire of Thassilon. Before Starfall the city was used as a prison by the Runelord of Greed, since then the city has come to survive mainly on trade, as the surrounding lands are largely unsuited to agriculture. Its reputation for accepting all comers has resulted in an extremely cosmopolitan population, and the tradition of self-sufficiency has translated into an unwillingness to accept any central authority over the city as a whole.

Many mysteries can be found in Varisa, and perhaps the most well-known of Kaer Maga lay beneath foundations--The Godsmouth Ossuary. The most prestigious burial place for the city of Kaer Maga, its ancient catacombs date back to the Thassilonian period and are strictly overseen by the church of Pharasma based in the Godsmouth Cathedral in the Bottoms district of the city.

Dastardly Endeavors is a sandbox style campaign set in The City of Strangers, with some key adventures planned to initate the adventure(s). Most of this will occur in, under, or above the City of Kaer Maga; however, the players are the real inspriration of the campaign and it will be thier decistions/actions that determine the true direction of the campaign. Player participation in the construction of the campaign is not only encouraged but expected to so degree. Side adventures should abound as player availability may be subject to change. Each session will be no larger than 6 players unless I need assistance with NPC's as anything more makes the game too cumbersome and sucks the fun out of things for everyone. Also, I am no fan of combat that takes a whole session, so be prepared for RP and commensurate experience.

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