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Rise of the Runelords
July 11th, 2016
Reiner kicked in the doors, and found himself in an unexpected room. It was indeed a throne room, but it was filled with vats; 1 large and 4 smaller ones. All of these filled with gross looking liquids. Before them, a grossly obese man sit in a chair, well apparent of their entrance. He seemed ready for anything, but was taken off guard with Reiner wanted to talk instead of fight. He decided to hear them out.

Reiner stated they knew they were outpowered here, and wanted to know if they could work out a deal. Luckily for them, Jordimandus, the ruler of this wing, was simply too exhausted to actually fight them, so he was open to the idea of talking. The heroes explained their quest to find a weapon to fight Karzoug, and Jordimandus had the perfect answer; the list of components needed to attune a weapon to battle greed. He provided them his list of components needed, and explained the process. He also offered them further power if the heroes agreed to deal with the other wings, as he explained to them their potential threats to the Material Plane.

Greed was an obvious choice. Taking out his subordinates would only help them with their endeavours to take out Karzoug.

Wrath was the next potential threat, as Greed and Wrath warred to the point of the world’s destruction many years ago. With taking out the ruler of the wrath wing, they hampered that threat for years, potentially completely.

Gluttony was controlled by Azaven, a powerful necromancer. The threat he posed is as they dealt with greed and wrath, powerfully necromancers would follow in suit to simply raise those armies again in undead. The world was already battling an undead war currently, so this would hamper that front and aid with that war front.

Pride served only the purpose as the other component needed to complete the ritual to attune their weapon. He was unsure of it’s current status, as he had not heard from that wing in years.

The heroes agreed to deal with these, but was curious why Jordimandus was not seen as a threat to them. He explained that they already hampered years of progress of army raising, so he had a lot of ground to recover anyway. This agreement would also be a mutual agreement to mercy between the two groups. Jordimandus also sweetened the deal by offering a book to the party. This manual would bolster the reader’s strength; permanently. Reiner was eager to read through this, but that would be saved for another day.

They traveled into the Vault of Greed next, where they were greeted by a giant golden door. Wary of this place, they inspected the area for traps, and good that they did. The door was a trap that would splatter those who attempted to touch it against the opposite wall. They found the real door to the side of it after disarming the trap, and moved on. They decided to let Nevik scout ahead, who found himself face to face with a blueish mist that filled the hallway. Knowing this was the mist detailed in the book they found, he put up as much defenses as he could, and walked through it.

He was unaffected completely.

Relieved by this discovery, he moved forward through the mist to scout to the other side, and found a water fountain where a handful of water sprites played in the water. He drank an invisibility potion and approached the group of sprites. He took them off guard at first when he decided to speak while still cloaked, as they instantly put up their guard. He talked them down, and got information out of them about why they are here and what hazards might be around here. The sprites explained that this was their fountain, and no-one would take it away from them. They also talked of a mithral mage who pestered them, and scared them away often.

Nevik was pleased with this information, and asked them to get to safety. They retreated back through the blowhole of the statue in the fountain, as Nevik turned back to assist his allies through the mist. They debated about how to go about it , but managed to simply blow it away and run through it before it came back up again.

They scouted ahead, finding a new room with a giant golem in it. This was likely the golems read about in the book, which stated the golems powered the mist found at the entrance. They decided to sneak up on this golem as best as they could, and take him out as fast as possible. They quickly rushed it, and did manage to kill it quickly. They, however, heard heavy footsteps coming down both directions out of this room. They had to steel themselves for a fight.

Session: Sins of the Savior: The Festering Maze of Sloth - Part 3 - Monday, Jul 11 2016 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
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