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Rise of the Runelords
July 31st, 2016
Philip readied a tarpool to cast to slow one of them, while Bael prepared himself to intercept the other golem. They handled these two new ones just fine, but they were perplexed at knowing there were four golems. The fourth was nowhere to be seen. They planned to hunt that one down, but Valtyra noticed that the pond was filled with numerous goldfish. They were told in the book that the mist would transform victims into goldfish and transport them to a pond, so these fish they see here are likely unfortunate victims over the years. Excited at this reminder, however, Philip wanted to know what would happen if they dispelled the magic on one, and see what would happen.

Luckily enough, the fish targeted regained his normal shape, which turned out to be a dwarf. The dwarf surfaced quickly and took a second to get used to his limbs again. After coming to reality with the situation, he quickly thanked the group, and introduced himself as the Guildmaster. Years ago, he lead a thieves guild. They came here after years of research, only to fall prey to the transforming mist. His companions were likely long gone, insinuating that it would not be worth the trouble to try to dispel the magic on other fish in the pond. He agreed to help out the heroes through the Vault, as he’ll find his path after that.

They pressed on, coming across numerous room that were filled to brim of a material. Steel, silk, stone, and others simply filling a room. Our heroes couldn’t really figure out the meaning behind the rooms, so they moved on. After finding another fountain room with a door, they cautiously entered the room beyond the door. As they rounded the corner, Valtyra was quickly targeted with a spell that petrified her before she could react. The mithral mage, Ordikon, was seen floating in the high corner of the room, ready for our heroes. Ordikon quickly retreated to a bookcase across the room to snag a figurine off the shelf. The heroes quickly dispelled the petrification magic off of Valtryra, and slowly worked their way into the room. Ordikon summoned a large arcane cannon, and blasted the casters with a cone of cold. He fell to Naolexa’s sleeping magics, however, and lost his life (and fingers) afterwards.

They proceeded out of this room to find an unexpected guest; a Nalfeshnee demon stood towering over the party. They didn’t attack at first, as the Nalfeshnee didn’t seem too interested in killing them. He explained that they are potentially the only way for him to escape his prison of this room. He shared his story of how he was called and trapped here, and now had no way to complete his contract to actually leave. He has been trapped from years and years, with no hope of escape. The party toiled, and found that might be able to assist the demon in escaping, despite his possibly ill intentions in the Abyss. They released him, and to his delight he was able to escape immediately. They pressed on to the remaining hallway before him, where they found the final golem. After taking it out, they found the room it was guarding; a magical arcane pool. Not sure what to exactly to do, the heroes tried dipping an item into the water. It backfired, and ended up damaging Naolexa. They didn’t want to risk damage further, to they ended up not fiddling any further with the pool. They decided to rest in the vault to restore themselves completely before moving on to the Ravenous Crypts.
Session: Sins of the Savior: The Vault of Greed pt2 - Sunday, Jul 31 2016 from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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