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Rise of the Runelords
August 21st, 2016
They opened the double doors to a shadowy sight: two portals connected by a body of energy similar to a curtain. Connected to it, dark energy cracking with slow-motion lightning moved into further hallways. This was a very small room, so the heroes lined the wall to get a closer look at it all safely. They quickly deduced this was a portal to the Negative Energy plane, and that they could destroy it by destroying one of the crystal pillars holding the portal together. Reiner, eager to do so, took swings at the pillar with his sword. With two fell swings, he smashed the pillar to bits. It shattered and exploded, unfortunately causing shards to hit everyone.

Of worse note, however, it also summoned a creature before the portal completely shut. It forced a large batlike creature, a nightwing, into a room too small for it to move in. Luckily, Reiner and Nevik were close enough to set up very quickly, making quick work of what could have been a very lethal threat to the party. They moved out of this room, and noticed that the air seemed less stale and hindering. Closing the portal must have done something to hinder an aura in this area.

They moved forward in the remaining direction to find a room splattered in blood and corpses. The bodies had their organs removed carefully, Philip catching on that this was the work of an expert necromancer. Reiner, not having any of that, quickly piled the bodies into the center of the room and lit them on fire with Calabolg. Aside from the smell, Reiner had no reservations about hindering any potential further happenings from those bodies.

Nevik scouted ahead to find an empty labratory with various bodies on examination tables. Vincent struggling to keep his lunch down, the group moved into this room before discovering two more directions to take. Nevik scouted the north door, spotting an odd creature standing at a table in the room ahead. Luckily for Nevik, it did not hear him at all, so he was able to report back to the party to tell them the news of the creature. They readied themselves for a fight. Reiner borrowed Philip’s ring of invisibility and proceeded into the room with nevik to get the spook on the creature.

The creature was eating a liver torn from the body on the table before it, and did not detect Reiner or Nevik before they got the jump on him. The ghoul like creature screamed, summoning skeletons from the bookcases that lined this room. Despite the major threat this creature had to the party, it stood no chance against Reiner and Nevik, as they tore through him quickly before it could do any damage. They cleaned up the skeletons with little issue, despites some of the skeletons actually exploding in fiery vengeance upon destruction.

The party turned their attention to the other door now, not sure what they should expect. Anything could be beyond that door, and whatever it is, it was likely not friendly.
Session: Sins of the Savior: The Ravenous Crypts Part 2 - Monday, Aug 22 2016 from 1:30 AM to 4:30 AM
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