Work Work Work
Thirst is as upset as his comrades. He did not antissipate working for old bags and hippiess all day. But Thirst is poor. We needs to acquire bargainss wherever possible. And being in good standings with citizenss in the market will be helpful later on in invesstigations. I doesn't understand why the goblin and snot man are so upset. We are being paid by individual contract, not by the speed with which we finish. Regardlesss, Thirst is nervouss to enter Red Wastes. Only experience we hass dealing with Gruul has gone well, but they are still unpredictable. Thirst can't stand little goblin gangs in Tin Street. They always try to steal Thirsts thingss. We hopes to acquire some higher quality rope soon and posssibly some gold for buying shiny new knife the goblin told uss about. Though acquiring gold in Gruul territory might be as difficult as finding a Krassis with only 4 appendages...
Session: A Fiery Betrayal - Sunday, Feb 17 2019 from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM
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