What a day what a day. Thirst remembers why he has never ventured into Red Wastess. So much aggresssion at every turn. Not even chance to negotiate with Viashino. The Boross ones are crasss, but at least will talk before sstriking. It was good to see companionss hold their own in a fight. They are all more powerful than Thirst realized, very impresssive. We cut through Viashino like packbeast butter. It was surprissing to meet an ally in the wastes even after she trapped my comrades. She was a graciouss host, but I still do not trusst the pelt collector. She has a story that Thirst is curiouss about, but may not get to invesstigate further. No matter, at least she gave us good information about Borborygmoss whereabouts. I still cannot belive we got away with our livess. The cyclopss was as tall as a building and could have crushed uss with his thumb. But he somehow seemed benevolent compared to the monstrouss hydra that attacked uss. Thirst is very curiouss if the hydra and giantss were sent to kill Boroborygmoss as a power move or an assassination attempts. Or is thiss just Tuessday in the Rubblebelt? Once Zivix and Chazirek's lightning bolts skewered one giant, I had put my sword through the other's eye, and Zebruso crushed the hydra's heart with his hammer of gods, Borborygmoss was thoroughly impresssed with the Stranger Than Fiction Unit. He gave uss much information and offered uss much platinum for return of his clan-members. He also gave uss all evidence collected from the bathhousse and Thirst is very intrigued by two items in particular. The goblin hoarded over strange black cylinder and we do not trusst his intentionss with it, but what Chazirek claimed had a verry curiouss aura. The spider legs that came out from the amulet musst hold very dark magic indeed. Thirst can't wait to see what they do, but is content to let his companionss find out for themsselves for now. All we need now is some damn ssilk rope and a soft bed. Perhapss Thirst can find some better weapons too. Thiss giant's eye goup iss not coming off this old russty sword easily...
Session: Follow the Rubblebelt Road - Sunday, Feb 24 2019 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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