It hass come to my attention that there is more to my comrades than meetss the eye. Just when Thirst thought them simple creatures with a propenssity for desstruction, Zivix shows his clevernesss. Thirst had not realized he was not only one with Dimir keyrune. How could Thirst have misssed thiss? I am not sure whether to distrusst the Goblin or admire hiss sleights. After all, getting thiss past my eyes is gquite impresssive. Zebruso showed great leadership capabilities too when disscussing our next steps. He is not just a big dumb elephant after all and could be valuable in keeping our rag-tag bunch in one piece. After all, having brains and brawn is so much more valuable than idiotic smashing like that Minotaur who we haven't seen since we walked into the bathhouse the firsst time. I wonder where he's wandered off to.. No matter, we are deep in the depths of the undercity where he cannot follow so we'll have to track him down later.
I feel so at home here, but I do believe that Chazirek's skills eclipse my own when navigating through the sewerss. When we were sleeping, he must have run off to find some mushrooms or feces to wallow in. We didn't have time to wait on him and it's a good thing we didn't. Running into the Dimir is no trivial matter and it's good that neither of our worst negotiators were there to ruin it, though that bumbling Gruul numbskull almost got my throat slit. I know that the only way to negotiate with spiess and assassins is by showing your value. All I want is some damn gold and more information about that crafty guild of secrets. I was honesstly surprised when they agreed to give uss a portion up front, though this job will be far from easy. I sure hope that we can prove our value, otherwise we may end up facedown in a watery grave or worse, no memory of our former lives. I've already been through that with the Simic, the last thing I need is for it to happen again...
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