A glorious night
Last night was a blast! I finally convinced the other members of the strange new troop that I'm a part of to loosen up and have a good time. Imagine my surprise upon running into them while headed to bed early in the morning. They all seemed a little banged up from their encounters in the Gruul territory (no surprise there) and saw my good sense in sleeping through the most uninteresting part of the day. They were dead set on going to the Gorehouse to talk to a new performer that night, (his show is not as good as mine) about his experience inside an Azorius prison. I was happy to show the way as I'm both very interested in what may be happening within the ranks of the Azorius, and love a good time at the gorehouse. The drinks started flowing as they do and the glass started shattering and we were having a really grand time watching the show. As always there's room for improv in a rakdos performance and I thought that the thing they needed was our goblin friend's help so threw him onstage at the perfect moment. To his credit, he was brilliant and actually improved the show. The crowd went wild.
Our goblin was so popular he got us invited to the after-party and how could we turn it down? Things start to get a little fuzzy for me from here, but I remember dueling an ogre at some point in the night to the roar of the crowd. I wanted to avoid killing the pitiful thing but he gave me such a knock on the head that I'm not sure how the night ended for him. While I served as a perfect distraction, my friends knocked out our target. The last thing I remember is carrying him out of the gorehouse, so I must have carried him all the way to where we finally passed out. I'm not sure what they would have done without me.
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