Prison Raiding
Breaking into the Azorius prison was easier than I expected. We sent our goblin friend whizzing up on his backpack to the roof while Thirst, the Lizard and I strolled through the front door. Thirst and I were on the same page the whole time and when he dumped oil on the floor I knew exactly what he had in mind. No one can resist a pyrotechnic show. I traded heavy blows with one arrester, but the sneaky lizard caught him in the neck. A great scrap. After that it was an easy trip to the top. Our goblin friend had managed to knock out two arresters with ease. I don’t know how, but what a rakdos member he would make if only he turned his attention to pyro-performance instead of endless tinkering. I sense the makings in him though.

We grabbed the captive and ran to the elevator and are now making our descent. I can hope for an easy escape, but I think we may have some more fun in our path. My friends gifted me an enchanted goblet of sorts that makes both beer and wine, but it wouldn’t function within the magic constraints of the prison. A pity we had to have all this fun sober.
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