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Age of Ashes
Hellknight Hill, Chapter 3: The Citadel Below
Summary: In this chapter of the adventure, the heroes forayed deeper into the bowels of Citadel Altaerein to investigate the dangers that drove the Bumblebrasher goblins from their home. As they did, they discovered the fragments of a dangerous cult lurking in the keep, whose stronger presence in the lower levels spells an even larger threat to the region. Finally, a secret tunnel leading back to Breachill from the citadel’s crypts looks to have been used recently by an unknown visitor—it seems that even more sinister forces might have caught wind of a possible “elf gate” and could be about to harness its power for nefarious purposes!

Key NPCs:
Pib and Zarf: Kobolds and self-described “mitey dragons”
Skorp and Venak: Charau-ka cultist deserters

Key Events:
- Identified cultists as Cinderclaws, worshippers of Dahak, god of evil dragons and destruction
- Helped Alak find his family heirloom
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